Friday, April 8, 2011

More Cravings: Chocolate Cake & Joshua Jackson

Ok, so I've been attacked by cravings again!
Coincidentally my cravings are chocolate and cute actors again! Who woulda though?
Craving #1
So first, I have a complaint. Why don't more restaurants have a deliciously irresistibly chocolate cake on the menu?!?!?! Outback used to have a great one, and it's no longer available! One of my current favorites is from PF Changs! Unfortunately I live in St. George where there IS NO PF Changs......sad story.

Craving #2
Joshua Jackson
So I'd venture to say that Joshua Jackson is my favorite actor. Now, I do realize that this stems from my teenage crush on him. But I stand by it.

I first met Joshua in Mighty Ducks, one of the best Trilogies of all time!

Emilio Esteves plays Gordon Bombay a former hockey player who had to quit when he suffered a career ending injury to his knee. He's now a lawyer who refuses to lose a case, even if he has to cross several lines to do it. When he has a run in with the law himself, he's sentenced to coach a kids hockey league. Let me rephrase that, the worst kids hockey league in the district.

Which is where we meet Charlie (aka Joshua) he's the captain of the sinking team. His teammates idea of a good time is filling purses with doggie poo and a dollar sticking out the side to see if anyone is dumb enough to peak inside. You can see where the funny comes in! Along the way Coach Bombay struggles to accept his new fate, and turn his mice into men. :) All 3 movies in the trilogy are awesome, and if you haven't seen them please rectify this immediately.

Urban Legend was the next movie I loved Josh in. He's not a main character, but he's my typical sarcastic bad boy. It's as horror movie focused on a college campus that's over run with just about every urban legend you can remember from high school. If you're into horror flics this is a good one!

The Skulls is my next Josh favorite. He plays Lucas MacNamara, a promising law student at an ivy league college who's worked himself ragged to get there. He knows the only way he'll ever be able to pay for his education is to give picked by the exclusive secret society, The Skulls. Unfortunately just as his dreams start to come true he discovers he's in a nightmare.

PS-added bonus to The Skulls
Paul Walker

Dawson's Creek is probably what he's best known for. Josh plays Pacey Witter, best friend to the show's namesake, Dawson. While Dawson is the well adjusted nice guy, Pacey is the poor sarcastic guy from the wrong side of the tracks who's got a hilarious sense of humor! One of my favorite things about Pacey is that no matter how many times life knocks him to the floor he gets up again to sprint for the finish line. Plus I have always swooned for bad boys who coat their soft heart with a tough shell of sarcasm & hostility.
And of course the Dawson-Joey-Pacey love triangle is a thing of legends. If you haven't watched the show I wont spoil the ending for you. I love this series, it's one I'd love to own and watch over and over!
Fringe is Josh's latest project. It's a paranormal thriller that explores some very strange mysteries. He plays Peter Bishop, son of the brilliant, and quite possibly insane, Walter Bishop. While Peter inherited his father's genius, he harbors a large grudge against him. He's pulled into the life of FBI agent Olivia Dunham who's recently discovered a new world of disturbing (and frequently disgusting) problems. So Olivia, Walter & Peter unwittingly team up and take on the good, the bad, and the just plain weird. Of course, along the way Peter finds himself falling in love with Olivia, but he's also discovering secrets about himself that are far more than disturbing. I'd say this is like X-files on crack, if it's in your wheel house you're in for a wild awesome ride!
I mean, come one, look at that picture. HOT!

So there you go, that's what's on my mind. What's on yours?

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