Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pick a Side In TV's Duo's of Sexy Guy's

Most love triangles have one thing in common. 2 awesome guys. How is a girl supposed to choose between 2 good things, I ask you? Today I've decided to suck it up and make my choice. Or choices. :)

Shawn vs. Gus

SHAWN-A little more than slightly irresponsible, and a little less than humble. Shawn's a loveable slacker who's finally found his calling in life. Although he's had his big boy pants for a while, he's just now learning to be an adult. But most importantly, he's hilarious in a highly sarcastic, referencing random media, and poking fun at Gus way.
GUS-On the other hand, Gus has been acting like an adult since he was in grade school. He's a nerd, who has no idea that he's a nerd. He's also very loyal. No matter how many times Shawn steals his car, pulls him out of bed in the middle of the night, or puts him in a life-threatening situation he always stands by him.
The victor is:

When the cards are down I will always choose someone who can make me laugh. :)
Shawn & Gus's Musical Debut
Clark vs Lex

CLARK-Ok, so I think pretty much everyone knows the good points to Superman, but let me do a quick review. He's incredibly handsome & magnificently muscled, as well as being genuine, and of course in possession of out of this world powers. Despite having the weight of the world (literally) on his shoulders he manages to be strong and confident along with a little insecure and naive when it comes to the women in his life.
LEX-Ok, so we all know who Lex turns out to be, but I have to say that I could have easily fallen for the Lex you meet in the first few seasons of Smallville. He's a little arrogant to be sure, but he's desperately searching for a way out of his father's footsteps. You see him trying time and time again to come over to Clark's side of the line. I think it's that desire to be better that makes him just the kind of guy I used to love, hard on the outside, but soft on the inside!
The victor is:
GOT YA! Trick question!
Of course the answer is
He's the billionaire playboy who has won my heart. He's got staggering good looks, a quick wit, and large muscles. All things on my list of qualities for a top notch TV crush ;) Despite the fact that he was tragically orphaned at an early age, he managed to turn his anger into the Green Arrow. He works so hard to make people see him as a over-privileged rich boy that it's all too easy to miss the messed up kid he's trying to hide.
Oliver Queen's Charm
Jack vs Sawyer

Ok, so I only made it through the first season of Lost, which I'm sure will get me in trouble with a lot of you out there, but I did catch on to the Jack vs. Sawyer debate.
JACK-While he's the responsible, nice guy of the island, he's struggling to overcome the hand that life dealt him. Regardless he's handsome, sweet, caring & passionate.
SAWYER-Here's another man in our list who's been orphaned by tragic means. He's 95% rude & selfish. The other 5% contains hard muscles, a sexy accent, and a wicked smile.
The victor is:
So I might have gone with Jack, but since I don't have all the information yet I'm gonna go with my friend Jess & pick Sawyer. I don't think I could go too wrong with the guy in this picture :)
Sawyer the Gentleman
Stefan vs Damon

STEFAN-Turned into a vampire without his knowledge or consent, Stefan is trying to live his life as normally as possible for a 162 year old teenager. He's full of love and passion and he's given it all to his girlfriend Elena. While he's usually the dark & brooding type, I love him most on the rarer occasions when you get to see his spontaneous, excited side.
DAMON-He's pretty much his brother turned inside out. He displays his fun, wild side to the world (with a handful of sarcasm thrown in) and keeps his real feelings under the surface. Only sharing them to a select few who manage to get past his cocky walls.
The victor is:
While I think Stefan is a great choice, when you put him up against Damon it's really a no brainer. He could bite me anytime!
Damon's Wisdom
McDreamy vs McSteamy

MCDREAMY-So I've been a Patrick Dempsey fan since his Can't Buy Me Love days (awesome 80's movie if you've never seen it), and Grey's Anatomy is no different. He's a brilliant brain surgeon who's also charming, confident, and has great hair! He's an ever hopeful optimist who is constantly attempting (and often succeeding) at doing the impossible.
MCSTEAMY-When we first heard of Mark, Derek's ex-best friend who had an affair with Derek's wife, Addison, you're filled with rage and disgust. That is until he actually makes an appearance at Seattle Grace Hospital. If I was a cartoon my eyes would have popped out of my head! He's one of the top plastic surgeons in the country, although he doesn't seem to need any himself. His scruffy face and strong jaw had me before I'd even noticed his muscles. On top of the whole 'I'm incredibly gorgeous' benefit package, he's also got a boyish charm that melts my heart. As the show goes on he learns more about what's really important, and, though it's hard to believe, that makes him even hotter!
The victor is:
By now you may have noticed a weakness I have for the misunderstood men of Primetime TV. McSteamy is no exception. I'd bring home his dimples any day.
Meet McSteamy Here
Dean vs Sam

DEAN-When his mother died before he'd entered grade school Dean (and Sam) were thrown head first into a world that every kid has never known, but always feared existed. His education was not in math & english, but in knives and black magic. He grew up knowing he'd never have the only thing he really wanted, a normal suburban life with a house, a wife, and a kid. So he takes solace in what he can, killing demons, eating food, and meeting women. He's hilariously confident and sarcastic, not to mention staggeringly handsome. His love of classic rock, classic cars and practical jokes makes him all too loveable. Although he keeps most people at arms length he'll go to the depths of hell (literally) to protect his little brother Sam.
SAM-He was only 6 months old when his mother died so he has no memory of what his life could have been. He was raised in the same crazy demon hunting world as Dean, but he walked away to go to college and change his life. His brief vacation from monsters and death didn't last long before he was forced to rejoin the ranks. He believes in finding good in everyone, hopes to find a way back to a normal life one day. He has the same self-sacrificing sense of family that Dean does, and does his best to keep his older brother from harm. He also has the same love of pranks! He's genuine and has a much more mature view of women that gives him extra points.
The victor is:
Once again, the cocky one with boyish charm has won out. I love a man who's a MAN!
Awesome Dean video here

So tell me, do you agree?

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