Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Favorite Female Leads

I love a story that has a strong female lead, here are a few of my favorites:

Katniss Everdeen
Who doesn't love Katniss? She single-handedly saved her family from dying of starvation by becoming the head of the house at the age of 11. She's not concerned with the silly things most girls waste their time on like boys and hair, and she's a great person to have around when your life is on the line.

Veronica Mars
Oh Veronica, I really do love you. She used to be everyone's favorite Prom Princess, until her best friend is murdered, her boyfriend dumps her for no apparent reason, and her father becomes the most hated man in Neptune, California. Then she goes from being sweet, naive, and innocent to sassy, hard-core, and just plain vengeful. Even though she is simultaneously feared and hated by most of her classmates, she is still the go to person for getting out of a jam.

Egwene Al'Vere
So I realize that most people will not know who this is, but believe me, you should. Egwene is from the Wheel of TIme series by Robert Jordan, and she is pure awesome. She begins the series as your typical small town girl with big dreams, and has now transformed into the powerful, talented, and bad a$$ leader of the Aes Sedai (yeah, you wont know what that means until you read the book). She does not tolerate childishness, whining, or idiots, but she will take the time to help you be your best.

Buffy Summers
Oh Buffy, even though I have always been slightly embarrassed to love this show, the fact is that I do. Buffy is more than the beautiful, stake-weilding, vampire slaying chic that you might think if you've never seen the show. The legend of the Slayer and the vampire lore that the show is based on is surprisingly well thought out and intriguing. Buffy's character is well developed (hardy har har, yes she's pretty, but that's not what I meant) and you really feel invested in what happens to her. No matter how much she might want that normal life with the perfect prom night, she never hesitates to sacrifice it all to save the world.

Lois Lane
While I grew up watch The Adventures of Lois and Clark, and even though I did love Terry Hatcher as Lois Lane, I am still partial to Smallville's portrayal of her. She's fast talking, ambitious, and loves to stick her nose in other people's business. I love the development of her relationship with Clark, especially the beginning when they can't seem to stand each other! She can kick your butt with her awesome karate moves and then write up a story to tell all of Metropolis how lame you are!

Sabrina Spellman
Who doesn't miss the days of TGIF? I know I do, there was nothing better than a whole night full of Boy Meets World, Family Matters, Step By Step, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Sabrina is anything but popular (at least in high school), and her life is far from perfect but she's got a good heart and tries to do what's right. She learns a lot of lessons the hard way, but in the end everything seems to work out like 'magic'!

How about you? Do you have a favorite story with a strong female lead that you'd care to share?


  1. Scarlet O'Hara, from Gone with the Wind
    and Dagny Taggert from Atlas Shrugged.

    The books, I especially hated Scarlet in the movie, but was so surprised when I read the books, I love her.

    I am going to make my girls read both of these because I really like both of these female characters.

  2. You know I've never read either of those. I'll have to add them to my list!



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