Thursday, April 7, 2011

'Fat is out of here mister!' Heavyweights

I'm in the mood for a laugh so I turned to one of my old favorite. Good ol'Heavyweights! What could be funnier than a movie about a kid's fat camp with a crazed Ben Stiller as it's owner?
That's right.
Katie Ann, I'm sure you'll agree

Here's a video about my favorite camp counselor, Lars!


  1. The sad thing is that this is one of my favorite movies, I can quote pretty much the whole thing...and I don't own it. I haven't seen it in years!! I need to track down a copy of that thing..."Come on you devil log!"

  2. Why is this movie the best
    reason #1
    do it to it lars
    Reason #2
    you have a skinny wiener
    end of argument

  3. Kate-This is one of the 30 movies that reminds me of you every time I see it.

    Ana-your comment made me love you even more :)



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