Monday, April 4, 2011

Cafe Rio Pork

I got this recipe from my awesome friend Jess from A Few of My Favorite Things (yes, I get a lot of things from this awesome chick) and it's super good. Something obvious from the name, it's modeled after the Cafe Rio Pork. Here's a little disclaimer, unless you're planning on feeding an entire football team you may want to scale back the portions. I only made half of the recipe and it was still plenty to feed 2 families of 4.

Cafe Rio Park
Cook 3 pounds of pork (about 2 pork roasts) in water in your crock pot on high for 5 hours.

After the 5 hours dump out the water and cut the pork roast into 3 sections, then place it back into the crock pot.

Mix together:
1 can of coke or Dr. Pepper (make sure it's not diet)
2 cups brown sugar
14 oz salsa
and pour over pork in crock pot

Cook on high for another 3 hours
Shred the pork

Now you can serve this any way you like it. I like mine with just the pork, the sauce, and a tortilla, but Tad, of course, needs all of the fixings. He likes it tortilla salad style with: ranch, tabasco, spinach, tomatoes, black beans, & cheese.
So try this super easy, super awesome recipe!

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