Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn

Some of you may know Brandon Sanderson from a little series know as the Wheel of Time that I've mentioned once or twice before. He stepped into help finish up this amazing series when Robert Jordan passed, and I've gotta say he's done a great job. Which lead me to see what else he's written. I decided to start his Mistborn Trilogy .

Cinescape magazine said, "After 1,000 years of oppression the memory of hope has all but faded in a mist-haunted, dust-ridden world where powerful Great Houses rule the serf-like Skaa with a cruel, bourgeois hand. In one of the Lord Ruler's hellish prisons, however, Kelsier discovers he is one of the Mistborn, a select group of individuals with impressive, metallurgic powers. Together with a band of elite, cutthroat criminals Kel wrenches his way upwards to stage a coup of unprecedented proportions, but are his powers alone enough to topple the immortal dictator known as the 'Sliver of Infinity' "

The first Mistborn book features a young Skaa girl named Vin. She's another strong female character that I love. Vin grew up on the street with her abusive brother working for different, even more abusive gang leaders to stay alive. She's spent her life trying to make herself seem small and insignificant, but all that is about to change when she meets Kelsier. Together they discover that she is more special than she could of ever dreamed of, but she struggles with letting herself trust her new friend enough to meet her amazing potential.

I'm halfway into the 2nd book and I'm really impressed with them. I love immersing myself into the world that he's created. I would definitely recommend these books to anyone who's looking for a new world to enter.

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  1. I loved those books :) Let me know when you are done and we'll talk.



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