Sunday, April 17, 2011

What's Your Money Personality?

Here's a great article I found at Oprah. Find out ...

What's your money personality?

Are you a penny-pincher, a financial wreck, a spender, a daredevil or on the right track? Take Suze's quiz to determine your money personality.

Most of us live with the results of how we deal—or don't deal—with our money. The small choices we make every day have a huge impact on what kind of financial life we have. Our money choices form a pattern, and this pattern becomes a money personality.

Do you pinch pennies? Overspend wildly on your credit cards? Find it impossible to save? Or are you someone who has her money under control? This quiz is designed to give you a better idea of how you handle your money and why you make the financial decisions you do. Choose the description under each entry that most applies to you.

Here's my money personality!
You're on the right track. Congratulations! You are creating a life where people come first, then money, then things. Either you grew up in a family that had a very healthy relationship with money or one that was so disrespectful of money that you refused to repeat its serious mistakes. Either way, you've learned to value who you are over what you have. You're on the right road.
...........although I think this has more to do with having a husband who's getting his accounting degree than with anything I've done. :)

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