Monday, September 24, 2012

My Favorite Young Adult Books from the 90's

Today I met a woman in a store who was telling me about her two boys. One who rarely picks up a book, and one who devours them like he's starving. I don't know what makes the difference in people that love to read and people who avoid it, but I'm so glad I found my way into the fantasy world that books reveal to you. 

I know that kids today have so many choice from Harry Potter to A Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but when I was a kid these were a few of my favorites:

I've always loved a story with a girl who's got attitude! 

I had over 100 of these books when I was younger. I had a serious addiction, and I was originally planning to name my children Claudia, Stacy, Dawn, Kristy, and Mary Anne.

There's nothing better than an underdog that gives the snotty popular kid what's coming to him!

And who doesn't love a book of crazy that just gets crazier!

So if you were a fellow bookworm, what books kept you begging for more?

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  1. Hey! Found your blog. I loved the babysitters club. Here is my blog if u want to check it out. Had fun hanging out today. We will have to do it more often:)



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