Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Which Super Villain Do You Love to Hate?

 The Joker
Batman's Menace 
Many amazing actors have played this role, but I'm partial to Heath Ledger. My little sister once told me that the thing that made the Joker such a good villain is that you never really figure out why he is the way he is. His madness has no reason to it, and because of that it's unpredictable. It definitely makes for an intriguing bad guy.

Lex Luthor
Superman's Foe
Lex has also been portrayed by many talented actors, and I've chosen Michael Rosenbaum from Smallville because I love the background this show gives on the villain. I loved seeing Lex before his dark side took over, and I loved the friendship that Lex and Clark cultivated over the first few seasons. There's something about your greatest enemy being someone who was once your greatest friend that's so tragic. They say you can never truly hate someone unless you've once loved them.
X-Men's Opponent 
 Magneto, played by Ian McKellen is another type of bad guy. He spent his youth being persecuted because of his mutant ability by 'normal people'. Once he grew up he turned his fear into anger and became determined to see mutants take control. His strained friendship with Professor Xavier gives you a small hope that perhaps there is still a chance for him, but it doesn't seem likely. 

The Kingpin
Daredevil & Spiderman's Villain
The Kingpin, played by Michael Clarke Duncan in Daredevil, is a bad guy who likes to have others do his dirty work for him. He's built a criminal empire along with a fortune that he uses with no mercy to control the people of New York City. To be honest I don't know much of his background, but it seems that power is what drives him. 

Harry Potter's Destined Enemy
Voldemort reminds me of a reincarnated Hitler. He came from 'mudblood' origins that he despised, and he spent years molding himself into something else. Something that was anything but human. He wants to rid the world of 'muggles and mudbloods', or at the very least make them serve him.

So, tell me, which Super Villain do you love to hate the most? 
I think I'd say Lex Luthor, but you tell me?

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