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I remember the first time I saw a preview for Glee. I thought it was going to be High School Musical in TV format. (By the way, I'm a big High School Musical fan) What I've discovered is that it's a bit more adult, and a heck of a lot funnier! I'm absolutely addicted. I love having a musical to watch every week. And what makes it even better is the awesome cast.
Will Schuester is the Spanish Teacher/Glee Instructor. He was a Glee star back in his day when Glee club was cool and he's constantly trying to give the current generation of Glee members a chance to be in the lime light.

Emma Pillsbury is the school's guidance counselor who lusted after Will until his marriage with his crazy wife Terri ended. They tried to give it a go, but the combination of Emma's OCD and Will's erratic romantic attentions sank their chance. Now she's married to Dr. Carl Howell who's played by John Stamos.
Dr. Carl, or Uncle Jesse as I like to call him, is a dentist that swept Emma off her feet. They recently got married in a spur of the moment decision. I love that John Stamos is in this show. He preforms with the kids every once in a while and it brings me back to his days in 'Jesse and the Rippers'. Without the hair.
Now if you've heard of Glee, you've heard of Sue Sylvester. She's the award winning Cheer-leading (or Cheerios) adviser who has a vendeta against Glee club for steal small portions of her ridiculous amounts of funding. Despite her constant harsh and blunt persona, you occasionally get to see the softer side of sue. However her hatred of Will's hair will keep you laughing all night! Click here for a video of awesome Sue stuff.
Holly Holliday (or Gwyneth) is the popular substitute teacher that loves to teach the kids on 'their level'. Which seems to mean using Lindsay Lohan and tacos to inspire them!
3 words, I love her!
Now there's the actual Glee kids. These are the guys from left to right:
Artie, Sam, Kurt, Finn, Mike, & Puck. While they're all awesome I'm only going to highlight my favorites so my post doesn't take all night to read.

Finn is everybody's hero. He's the football quarterback and lead singer all wrapped into one. While he's not exactly Justin Timberlake he's got some raw talent. He's constantly either getting burned by girls, or making stupid 'male' decisions and messing up his relationships on his own. But all things considered he's pretty endearing. He's dated Quinn & Rachel off and on for pretty much the entire series.
Puck is your basic bad boy, and I've got to admit that there's something I really like about him. Maybe it's his manly singing voice, or maybe it's his tough guy confidence, but either way I've got a soft spot for him. He's usually the first to start a prank or throw a nerd into the dumpster, but he's also been known to stick up for Glee and it's members when no one else would.

Sam is a newer character, but he's growing on me fast. He was a football player who Finn recruited. Although Finn has seemed to regret it a little when he became competition for his Quarterback spot, lead vocals, & Quinn. Sam seems somewhat naive about a lot of things, but his innocence is tends to make you like him. Just one more reason I like Sam. Holy abs!
This is a link to a video I love of Sam & Quinn singing together.
Lucky Quinn&Sam

And now the girls
Tina, Brittany, Rachel, Mercedes, Santana, & Quinn
Rachel is one of the most amazing vocal talents on the show, and boy does she know it! She's incredibly self-involved, and self-promoting, and mostly everyone seems to find her annoying, but man can she sing! She's your typical diva with regards to her opinion of herself, but also good hearted. She goes a little crazy when she thinks that a boy is into her (Finn, Puck, & even the lead singer of their competition Jesse from Vocal Adrenaline), but you forget all the bad when she belts out a song you love.
Quinn started the series as the head cheerleader who was dating the star quarterback, Finn. Then you find out she's pregnant with Puck's baby, so she got kicked off the Cheerios for the duration of the pregnancy. She finally got back on the next school year, only to quit when Sue tried to make her choose between Cheerios and Glee. She's got a made drive to be popular, but is also owner to a soft center core. She seems to attract every guy on the show as well.
Last but not least is my favorite character. Brittany. She was a Cheerio until recently when she quit with Quinn and Santana, but she's still a popular trendsetter. But the best thing about Brittany is her.....wit? Her lack of wit? Her innocence? I'm not sure what you'd call it, but if you've ever seen an episode you know what I'm talking about! She's not the best singer on the show but her dancing more than makes up for that. It's ridiculous how she moves in the Britney Spears episode.

Here's a link to show you.
Wise, Wise Brittany

I hope that if you've never wanted to see Glee I've changed your mind. And if you do watch it tell me what you love about it!

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  1. The Brittany and Sue quotes keep me laughing and the songs give me chills. I wish they would lay off of all the gay/lesbian themes lately though.



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