Monday, March 28, 2011

Army Wives

So my awesome Sister-In-Law JaNae and my favorite cousin Rachel have been telling me to watch Army Wives for forever now. A couple of weeks ago I found out that you can watch the first 4 seasons on Netflix so I gave it a shot. Now, 3 weeks later, I've watched them all and am upset that I have to wait for more!

If you're like me, someone who knows almost nothing about the lives of the military, then this show might just pull you in like it did me. I was fascinated with their day to day lives and the problems that they have to face. Especially since Rachel, yes the same favorite cousin, is an army wife herself, so I keep wondering if her life is anything like the women I see on screen. (By the way, her husband has been deployed for the last 6 months and is coming home this week!)

Here's the main cast
The show follows the lives of each of soldiers and their better halves.
The show starts with Trevor LeBlanc, a fairly new soldier who met the love of his life over a weekend's leave. Surprisingly he proposes to.....

Roxy. She's a southern girl who's had to learn to take care of herself, and does a great job of it. She's a tough as nails bartender who works two jobs to take care of her two sons, Finn & TJ. What might be even more surprising is that she says yes to Trevor. So with the start of the show, she begins her new life as an Army Wife. Roxy, however, is just as clueless as I am and makes quite a few mistakes in the beginning.

Roland is an army husband. He's one of my favorite characters, I love that they put this dynamic in the mix. He's a shrink who's wife, Joan returns home after a long deployment.

Joan is a Fort Marshall’s first African-American female lieutenant colonel, and has over 400 men under her command. She has a rough time adjusting to being back home with Roland after her tour over seas.

Denise is what you would think of as the perfect army wife, but later in the season you get to see a little of her wild side. It was a little weird to see our girl from JAG on the other side of the uniform, but she's great in this role.

Frank is Denise's husband. He's a major who's your classic soldier. Strong, determined, and with a great sense of duty and honor. They have a 19 year old son Jeremy who's got an interesting story line I did not see coming!

Claudia Joy is the big woman on campus. She's married to the Brigadier General and head of the FRG (Family Readiness Group), both of which keep her very busy along with her 2 daughters. Although she's made her way to the top she's a genuinely nice person who wants to help as many people as she can.

She's married to Michael the Brigadier General. He's just who you'd want leading an army, tough, fair, and not afraid of making hard decisions.

And then there's Pamela, my personal favorite. She's a blunt and somewhat loud mouthed woman who doesn't like to take crap from anyone. She worked as a police officer until she met and married her husband Chase. They have 2 kids and a lot of debt. She brings Roxy, Denise, Claudia Joy, Roland and herself together in the first episode. She's pregnant with twins and goes into labor during one of Claudia Joy's tea parties!

Her husband Chase makes me want to slap him a lot in the first few episodes. He's constantly buying things they can't afford, and just plain ungrateful to his awesome wife Pamela.
So those are the basics, if you already watch it tell me who's your favorite and why. If not, I hope you start! Especially because you can watch the first 4 seasons on Netflix! And after that the 5th season is not too far into it and you can watch those online here or on Lifetime when they air originally Sunday's at 9pm/8Central.

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