Sunday, March 20, 2011

Easy A

So I got the movie Easy A on Netflix this weekend. To be honest I wasn't all that excited about it, I ordered it because I had seen Amanda Bynes on the previews. Now that I've seen it I've gotta say it kinda hooked me in a weird way. Let me start with a disclaimer, while it's rated PG-13, it has a large chunk of adult content.

The movie is about a high school girl Olive (by the way I LOVE that name) who has been mostly invisible to the population of her school. Until a false rumor, that she indirectly starts herself, about her with a college guy. The rumor puts her on the social map and she starts indulging in her new 'bad girl' image. Along the way she helps the geekier guys in her school with her new reputation. Of course, in the end, the lies come to slap her in the face, but she perseveres.

So you can see where a lot of the adult content comes in. It doesn't deserve an R rating, but I wouldn't let a 13 year old watch it. I wouldn't recommend it to everyone, but I have to say that I liked it. Katie Ann Pehrson, if you read this, I think you'd laugh your butt off! Watch the video at the end and you'll agree with me before you even rent it. Olive is hilarious and she's not the only one. The whole cast is full of funny characters.

Amanda Bynes is Marianne, the super religious & highly hypocritical girl who tries to 'save' Olive

Alyson Michalka plays Olive's best friend Rhiannon. She's not exactly the nicest person, but for some reason you end up liking her.
Olive's parents are free spirits who keep making me laugh. (I love Stanley Tucci)
Olive has a love of 80's movies (which I share) and I love how her and 'Woodchuck Todd' end up
Lisa Kudrow shows up as the Guidance Counselor and wife to Olive's favorite teacher.
Of course, we all know and love Lisa as Phoebe.
Olive's favorite teacher, Mr. Griffith is an old friend of mine from way back. Do you recognize him?
That's right! It's Lowell from Wings! Your favorite scatter-brained handyman.
So if I haven't convinced you to watch it yet (if you can handle the adult content that is), then watch this video. This happens less than 10 minutes in to the movie, and this is what made me love it. I think I find it so funny because I've done the same thing so many times I can't begin to count them .


  1. That is so funny :) I really like this actress - what else is she in? I can't remember...

  2. I got a shout out in your blog?! In bold and everything! Woot! And yes, I have seen this movie and laughed my butt off...repeatedly. I would have recommended it to you a long time ago but didn't know if you would be cool with all the adult humor. I am, however, disappointed in you for forgetting one of my favorite characters in the movie: Cam Gigandet's character--Amanda Bynes' boyfriend, the super-duper senior that can't graduate. You know I always enjoy the dumb, hot ones. They're just so fun to look at! =)

  3. Jess- I love her too! She was in Malcolm in the Middle and House Bunny and she's gonna be in a new spiderman as Gwen Stacy. :)

    Kate- Pretty much the whole movie I kept thinking, I need to watch this with Kate. It had me from the Pocket Full of Sun Shine! I ALMOST put in that guy, but I kept seeing him on the OC, and he's such a jerk in that! AND as James in Twilight! He never plays a good guy!



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