Sunday, March 6, 2011

Help Sewing Simpleton With Simple Sewing

So I have admitted my fascination with Project Runway. I love to watch the process of making clothes from the sketching stage to the final runway show. I love how everyone gets the same challenges & materials to begin with, and yet you end up with so many different styles.
Seeing the process makes sewing feel more like something I could attempt.

So this weekend I took a big step in my dream. I bought my first sewing machine. (used & old, but still new to me)
And with a call to my mom & got the basic accessories that I'll need to actually sew. I least I think I got them all. If you notice anything I'm missing, please let me know!
And of course I needed some fabric. I am in love with this! I got it at Walmart in a $5 Bolt sale! Yay me! I'd like to make this into a skirt, but I don't have a pattern yet.
But now I'm faced with my biggest do I make my sewing machine work? I know the basic press the foot petal and move the fabric through. But tell me, where does the thread go? What do all the knobs do? How do I know how wide to make a stitch?

Please help this Sewing Simpleton get started!
Share a sewing link/video/pattern/etc. if you've got a good one!

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  1. HA! I did the same thing a few years ago. I bought myself a sewing machine and spent two hours figuring out how to put the thread in! Then I made some pillow covers and a curtain. Three months later I needed to change the thread color and I had totally forgotten how to thread the machine. :) If you figure it out, let me know, I have a dress I want you to make.

  2. the fabric is cute!! good luck!!!

  3. soooo, i love to sew. did you know this about me?? I would love to come over and give you a rundown on your machine. the bad news is that we are sick...again. I'm so sick of being sick. you are smart so i bet you can totally figure it out but if you ever need some sewing pal let me know, hopefully with a reason we will actually get hanging out again eh? and i have a couple patterns you could probably borrow too.

  4. True story. I'm pretty sure Jules is the one who taught me how to 'thread a bobbin' way back in Jr. High home-ec. I'm also pretty sure I no longer know what "threading a bobbin" means and I definitely don't remember how to do it. However, once upon a time i was able to sew up some shorts, pants, a pillow, and a stuffed animal for Linc. All of the above items were super lame and thankfully no longer exist as proof against my lack of sewing skills. However, if Jules could make those ridiculously old sewing machines in the Home Ec room function, she should be able to show you how to use yours. ;)



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