Friday, September 9, 2011

Which TV Character Were You In High School?

We all played our parts growing up, what I want to know today is which one were you...?

Joey from Dawson's Creek : Girl Next Door
Joey is the girl next door. She grew up as a tom-boy and matured into a gorgeous crush worthy girl when no one was looking. However once people started to notice the guys couldn't help themselves from falling for her...All of the guys. Luckily she's down-to-earth enough not to go crazy with all of the attention.

Payson from Make It or Break It: Jock
Payson is a hard core athlete. She is an elite gymnast who will not let anything get in-between her and the Olympics. Her focused, hard working philosophy makes her a little socially impaired, but she manages to find the time to have a crush or two.

Paris from Gilmore Girls: Over Achiever
Paris is the over-achieving, tightly wound perfectionist. She always has to be the best and the brightest at everything she does, and doesn't hold well with stupidity. She comes off a little strange and somewhat abrasive, but I'd say that's just a wall she puts up to protect herself. Once you get to know her she's got a soft heart, and is fiercely loyal.

Summer from The OC: Pretty and Popular
Summer is what most girls wish to be. Rich, beautiful and popular. Her dad is a surgeon and she's best friends with the most popular girl in school. She does seem to have a hard time finding a quality boyfriend, but she doesn't let that stop her from trying.

Veronica from Veronica Mars: Outsider
Veronica is the outsider. She was once popular, but ended up on the wrong end of a town-wide scandal. Now she's a loner who's pissed off at just about everyone. She has a hard time trusting people, which makes it hard to keep a boyfriend. Thanks to her dad's private eye business she's armed with the skills to hunt down everyone's dirty secrets, and she put them to good use.

Jude from Instant Star: Dreamer
Jude is a dreamer. She's so wrapped up in achieving her musical dreams that she's often oblivious to what is going on around her. Her life takes some amazing turns as she pursues her goals, now all she has to do is manage her personal life. It would be a little easier if her heart didn't belong to a guy she's too young to have.

I would have to go with Joey the 'girl-next-door' as the character closest to my life. Although I would omit the part about every guy falling for me, cause sadly, that wasn't the case. :) How about you?

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