Thursday, September 1, 2011

7 of My Favorite Chick Flicks

There are so many great chick flicks out there, I could spend a full month going over just my favorites. Since I'm sure no one wants me to do that I've picked several off that list for you today.

Pride and PrejudiceClick here for Trailer
Oh if only real life romances had the passion and eloquence of Pride and Prejudice! I get a thrill every time I watch Mr. Darcy and Elisabeth fall in love. They overcome circumstance, false information, misunderstandings, hostile relatives and of course pride and prejudice to be together.

Their relationship is full of playful banter and stolen glances that I just can't get enough of. The newer version of P&P is probably my favorite, but I do also love the Colin Firth version.
If you like to read too there's a great novel called Darcy's Passions that tells the story of P&P from Mr. Darcy's perspective. It's incredibly interesting, and I absolutely loved seeing into his mind and heart as he struggled over his feelings for Elisabeth. You can get it on Amazon for under $6.

The ProposalClick here for Trailer
The Proposal combines my love for Ryan Reynolds with my love for Sandra Bullock. She is one of my favorite actresses, and the combination of the two of them is fireworks! Ryan plays Andrew Paxton, executive assistant to Margaret Tate (Sandra) the boss everyone has nightmares about. Margaret also happens to be a Canadian who was too late on her paperwork and is now being deported. To stay in the country she decides to blackmail Andrew into marrying her, but she gets a little more than she bargained for when she ends up in Alaska with Andrew's entire family.
Oscar from The Office has a small role in it, although his role might make you laugh, cry and cringe all at the same time! The Proposal is an awesome choice for any movie night! It's even a chick flick you could convince your man to watch with you.

Music & LyricsClick Here for the Trailer
I've always had a thing for Hugh Grant. While I've always loved him as the bumbling nice-guy, I love it even more when he takes a role closer to the opposite end of the spectrum. Hugh plays Alex Fletcher, a former star of the music group, PoP.
When the band broke up his song writing partner, Colin had a successful solo career, while Alex's attempt at his own solo act was highly disappointing. He is now, as he called it, a 'happy has-been' making a living by preforming PoP songs at amusement parks and class reunions. When he gets the chance to write a new song with Cora, a hot teen singer, he has to find a way to move out of his comfort zone and take a chance.
The song writing doesn't great until Sophie knocks on his door to water his plants. Despite being somewhat neurotic her natural talent for clever rhymes has Alex begging her for help. If you love quirky romantic comedies, musicals, or (like me) Hugh Grant then you'll agree with me about this one. It always makes a bad day better.

HitchClick here for Trailer
Will Smith is one of my all time favorite actors. He's amazing, and Hitch is an amazing chick flick. Alex HITCHens has a very unique job. He is known around New York City as the urban myth called the 'Date Dr.' He helps guys who are, let's say a little socially impaired find a way to get a foot in the door with the women they're aiming at.

Hitch has recently taken on a new client, Albert Brennaman (Kevin James, LOVE HIM). Albert is a Jr. Accountant for the rich and famous Allegra Cole, he's also incredibly nice, very clumsy, and has low self-esteem. Despite all of that he has, of course, fallen for the out-of-his-league Allegra Cole. So in steps Hitch to work his magic.
Although he is quite the ladies man today, when he was younger he would have been first in line to get help from a Date Dr. After he found his 'mojo' he's been happily playing the field, that is until he met Sara. He was hooked from the first time he saw her, however she seems to bring out the socially awkward boy in him.

17 AgainClick here for Trailer
This is one of the funniest movies ever! I liked Zac Efron in High School Musical, but this is the movie that convinced me of what a great actor he is. In 17 Again Mike O'Donnell was the 'it guy' in high school. He had it all: the promising basketball career, the strange best friend, the amazing girlfriend, even the kind of looks that girls swoon over. Unfortunately for him, that was in 1989. When he found out that his girlfriend, Scarlett, was pregnant he chose her over everything else in his life. Now he's an unhappy salesman whose kids don't like him that's in the middle of getting divorced.
(The adult Michael is played by Matthew Perry, LOVE HIM) When he falls off a bridge into a river trying to save someone he suddenly finds himself to be 17 again.
Once he is convinced that trying to dress like K-Fed isn't cool he slips into his old routine of being the top dog. He thinks he's been given a second chance to do everything he never did before, like using basketball to get him through college. He makes friends with his children (yes, I know that sounds strange) and soon finds that this chance may not be to benefit him. While he's trying to help them he discovers his feelings for his soon to be ex-wife are far from gone. Unfortunately for him, he's in a 17 year old's body so that has potential to make things a little awkward.

2 Weeks NoticeClick here for the Trailer
And here's Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock once more. They seem to turn up a lot in romantic comedies. Bullock plays Lucy Kelson, a very liberal, work-a-hol-ic lawyer who's on a mission to keep her community center from being torn down. In a desperate attempt to accomplish this she takes a job working as the Chief Counsel for the rich and powerful George Wade (Hugh Grant). Kelson has a reputation for protesting and lying down in front of wrecking balls, while Wade has a reputation for seducing women and spending way too much money. When Wade discovers Kelson's intelligent and efficient way of decision making he becomes hooked and unable to decide things on his own.

Somehow while he was driving her crazy they failed to notice how they really felt about each other. However they start to figure it out when June Carver comes crashing into their lives. Sadly Lucy has given her '2 Weeks Notice' and will soon be out of George's life unless they figure it out faster.

Sleepless in Seattle
Click here for the Trailer
There is something hopelessly romantic about Sleepless in Seattle. The cast alone is wonderful, Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Bill Pullman, Rosie O'Donnell... Tom Hanks plays Sam Baldwin, a man who's lost his wife to cancer and moves himself and his son, Jonah to Seattle to get away from all of the memories. A year and a half later Jonah calls a radio station on Christmas eve to find help for his dad who's clearly unhappy. Dr. Marsha (of the call in show) gets Sam to come on air and talk about his wife. His radio debut causes a nationwide frensy of single women trying to make contact with him.

Meg Ryan plays Annie Reed, a recently engaged reporter from Baltimore who can't stop thinking about Sam Baldwin after she head him on Dr. Marsha. Unable to let it go she investigates him despite her upcoming wedding. Both Annie and Sam know something is missing from their lives, they just have to figure out what it is. If I had to name an 'ultimate chick flick' this would certainly be a contender. It's just....Magic.

So please, tell me what's your favorite chick flick?

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  1. Music and of my favorites too! You've got good movie 'taste'!



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