Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Toddler Tutorials

When I'm not paying attention I sometimes find that my kids teach me more than I realize. Here are a few of my favorite lessons. Making Friends Should Be Fun
Scarlett and her cousin Nora don't get to be around each other very often because of the 4 hour drive between them. But don't you think that'll stop them from being fast friends. These two were partners in crime from the very first minute they realized the other existed. Why can't making friends be more fun and less scary for adults?

You don't need super powers to be someone's hero
Wes is always ready to help whenever he's called upon. He never lets anything scare him away from his mommy in need (except for the occasional old lady, for some reason old ladies scare him to death)! He loves helping with building things, cooking, helping Scarlett eat, the list doesn't end. I doubt thoughts like "But if I help daddy build a shelf I wont have time to relax" run through his mind when we ask for his assistance.

Don't give up
Scarlett lives her life under the motto "Where there's a will, there's a way". And she's proved that to me time and again. No challenge is too hard for her to give it her all. Yes it does get her in trouble some times, but that never hinders her from stretching her limits. When do we start feeling self-conscious about trying new things?

Turning lemons into lemonade is a lot of fun
We came home a few days ago on a rainy day to find a LARGE puddle in front of the stairs that lead up to our apartment. While my first instincts was "Great, now my floors are going to be nasty" Wes's was something like "YYYYEEEEEEEE HHHHAAAAWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!"

Have you learned something from someone unexpected lately?



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