Thursday, February 3, 2011

Love Stories

With Valentine's Day coming up I decided to take a look at some of my favorite love stories.

#1 - Life or Death Love
Boy and Girl are thrown together in an unbelievably dangerous (and sometimes a little bit crazy) life or death situation. Transformers is a perfect example of the Life or Death Love. I'm a huge Shia Labeouf fan all the way back to his Even Stevens days, and I'm thrilled with the amazing actor he's becoming. In Transformers I love the geeky yet oblivious boy who's in love with the popular yet misunderstood girl and how they get thrown into a war no one (except for maybe Sector 7) knew was going on. Who doesn't love seeing the awkward nerd turn into a confident hero!

#2-Fated Love
Fated Love is one that will come to pass regardless of circumstances and all those who wish to stand in their way. I love a lot of the 'classics' from my parents generation and Sleepless in Seattle is one of the best. So even though Meg started the movie engaged to another man and Tom was a lonely widow stuck in his ways, they found each other, and it was 'magic'.

You may have already realized that I have a thing for comic book heroes. Superman is another favorite. Lois and Clark are another Fated Love that overcame all the obstacles thrown at them to be together! Nothing could keep the 'mild mannered reporter' from keeping his 'danger magnet' girl out of trouble and in his arms. I remember watching Lois and Clark when I was growing up, and I have to say that I never really appreciated how hot he was!

Smallville is my generations' take on Superman, and I'm also a huge fan of it. I love seeing Superman before he had it all figured out. I was surprised to find that most of the characters in Smallville are taken from actual Superman comics. I had no idea someone had already written about his growing up!
Now while Dean Cain is the Sexiest Man in Lois and Clark, I'd have to give that title to the Green Arrow in Smallville. Oliver Queen is my favorite character in this Superman adaptation. Some may call me crazy, but I'd just call me happy. PS-This has nothing to do with my Love Story post, I just had to put in a picture of Olly for me to look at. :)

My last example for Fated Love is one that's a pure classic piece of history. The Princess Bride. The Dread Pirate Roberts, Prince Humperdinck, a crazed Sicilian, ROUS's, and even death can't keep Westley and Buttercup apart! They will always have 'Love, True Love'.

#3 - Crazy Love
Crazy love encompasses all of the unusual and extreme love stories out there. As I am an Amanda Bynes fanatic (way back to the Amanda Show days) She's the Man is my choice for this category. While Shakespear is the true mastermind behind this movie (it's taken from Twelfth Night), I love how Amanda and Channing Tatum pull it off. If you've never seen it, it's your basic 'girl pretends to be twin brother to be a soccer star, and falls in love with teammate/roommate while trying to help him get another girl'. Basic. Simple. Hilarious. Hands down, my favorite feel good movie. If you want to laugh put this on.

Chew like you have a secret!!!!!

#4 - Hate you/Love you Love
So I've already established that I'm a Jane Austin Fan, but I think most of you would agree that there are few love stories as captivating as Elisabeth and Mr. Darcy. Watching them infuriate and captivate each other as they fall more and more in love leaves me wistful for that kind of passion and devotion every time. I love the Colin Firth version (even if it is 6 hours long) as well as the Kiera Nightly one.

#5 - Girl Next Door Love
The cliche love of falling for the best friend/girl next door is told over and over. One of my favorites is the Dawson/Joey Saga in Dawson's Creek. He had no idea that the girl of his dreams was his favorite buddy until she was about ready to give up on him. And even then something almost always seemed to get in their way.

Which leads me to...
#6 - The Love Triangle
If you ad Pacy into the Dawson/Joey mix you get the triangle that was the heart of Dawson's Creek. Joey spent the bulk of her life longing for Dawson, but was taken by surprise when she found the deep love she'd been looking for in Dawson's best friend, Pacy. I have to say that I will always choose the sarcastic, misguided Pacy over the idealistic, naive Dawson. Maybe because I also love the Mighty Ducks.

Another of the current generation's love triangle interpretations in Vampire Diaries. A triangle that has history repeating itself. Brothers Damon and Stephan have already been in love with the same woman once. While that didn't turn out well the first time they can't seem to help themselves when Elaina comes into their lives. This show has me addicted!

I know that I have a very obvious pattern her, but I'd choose Damon every time! Look at this picture, who wouldn't?! Sorry, I can't help adding in some eye candy!

Now I've been asking myself of all of the love stories out there which one is most like my own? I'd have to say the tale of Monica and Chandler from friends has a familiar ring to it. Two friends who never really saw it coming fall in love and start their lives together. Admittedly their both somewhat annoying/nerdy in their own way, but they love each other all the more for it. (Let me set the record strait though. I'm the funny one, and Tad's the high maintenance one. No doubt about it.)

So tell me which love story is your favorite, and which one most resembles yours?


  1. LOVE this post. And Damon from Vampire Diaries is SUCH a hottie. Hmmmm. I am not sure what ours is like...maybe the hate you/love you love because we both had bad first impressions?

  2. Definitely Fated Love. If it's supposed to happen, it will happen. Sigh. Oh, but Monica and Chandler ... shouted for joy when they got together! :) btw, I knew Tad was the high maintenance one.;)

  3. Awesome job Candice! Although, being as old as I am I must admit I hadn't seen a lot of the shows you talked about (oh my it's hard to get old!). But I'm a big fan of romantic movies and one of my favorites is a the Jane Austen adaption of "Emma" starring Gwyneth Paltrow. I love the whole...friends who fell in love scenario!

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