Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What's your reality?

Which Reality Show Would You Go On?
Every time Tad and I are watching a reality show I ask him this question. Now it's your turn! Here are your choices:

25 women compete against each other for the heart of one, very eligible bachelor. You'll live in a house with the other 24 women while you fight for attention from the object of your obsession on group dates. The Bachelor is not for me, I'm much too insecure to compete for a man against 24 beautiful women on live tv.
The Bachelorette is the reverse. 25 men fighting for the affection of 1 woman. While there is the upside of being the one who gets to go on every date, and let's face it, most likely getting to make out with lots of hot guys. The down side includes becoming attached to several guys at once, not to mention having to hurt people's feelings on a regular basis. I tend to cry in tense situations so I'm afraid I would spend the bulk of the show in tears. No good.

You will be stranded in a remote location with a large group of people who will all be plotting ways to get you voted off. You may have to begin with little or no provisions or preparation. Along with regular challenges that are designed to test your endurance, strength, agility, problem solving, teamwork, dexterity, and/or willpower; you will also have to face the struggles of surviving in the wild. I, being a self proclaimed wuss, would never survive this show.

Fear Factor. Basically you (either by yourself, or in a team of 2) will be faced with the most terrifying or horribly disgusting activity the show's producers could think of to try and outlast the other contestants in pursuit of a large sum of money. This is simple. I could not fall from a 30 story building. I could not, under ANY circumstances swallow a bug. Any bug. Fear Factor is not for me.

While this show is only open to professional dancer and celebrities, it's still fun to consider. So 12 dancers are paired with 12 celebrities and competing for the role of the best. I believe they get each get paid to be on the show. The further they go in the competition, the more they are paid. While the money would be awesome, dancing is not my thing. I dance like the typical awkward white girl so I'm better off on a different show.
A group of people (usually less than 15) all live together in a house competing to be the last tenant. They each compete for the upper hand to try and avoid getting kicked out of the house during the periodic evictions. I would actually consider going on this show, but it wouldn't be my first choice.

Wife Swap is a show where they take two moms who run their houses and families in completely opposite ways and make them switch houses and families for 2 weeks. The first week the moms are there they live the other woman's life. The second week the mom gets to make any changes she feels are needed. When I read my husband the list of shows he said that this would be an interesting one to do. Although it made me a little nervous to think Tad wanted to house a strange woman for 2 weeks, I have to agree that it's intriguing. But it also would not be my first choice.

America's Next Top Model or ANTM to the Tyra fans out there like me. A large group of women (sometimes as many as 30) compete to be - America's Next Top Model. They have a challenge and a photo shoot every week, and the girl with the weakest pictures gets sent home. Often they have challenges where they have to pose with live insects or in mid-air. The winner gets several prizes, including a modeling contract. I was obsessed with this show for several years because I'm a Tyra fan, and it was really fun to see how they do model shoots. Somehow the most awkward looking girls took the best pictures (so maybe I have a chance!) As much fun as this show looks like, it's not one I would choose to do.

American Idol is one of the most famous shows, but for the sake of the Amish: The country is scowerd to find the best singers that wait in line hours to be heard by Simon, Paula, and Randy (at least it used to be Simon, Paula, and Randy) Each week they are given a music category or artist to sing from. While the judges get their say, America picks the winner. If I could sing, hands down this would be the one. Sadly that is not the case.
The amazing race is a new obsession of mine. You pick whoever you think will get you through the race and team up with them for a journey around the world. You'll need brains, brawn, and a tough stomach to make it to the end. You'll be faced with everything from connecting a Guatemalan water supply to bungy-jumping over a cliff, to having to eat a goats head, all while trying to stay ahead of the pack. This show is so much fun to watch because the teams are always so different. My favorites are always the boyfriend/girlfriend teams who spend most of the time yelling at each other. This would be my husband's pick. I asked him why and he said because he thinks he'd be good at it. Go figure.

And finally there's Project Runway. Clothing designers from all over are chosen to compete for enough money to start their own line, among the random prizes you get from competition to competition. My favorite episodes are where they are challenged to make clothes from unconventional materials like a car (literally seat belts and car seats), nature (leaves and twigs and moss), or even paper (newspaper or even trash bags). I can't sew, I don't even know how to work a sewing machine, but I hold onto the hope that someday I might. This is the show I would love to be on. One day I will learn to sew. One day I will amaze you all with my awesome creations!

Until then, what's your choice?


  1. How I wish they had Dancing with the Stay-at-home-Moms!!!!!! I would be on that SO fast!

  2. I would do the Amazing Race as long as my partner was really outdoorsy and cool (basically the opposite of me) and was willing to drag me around. Tad interested? LOL I would totally watch you on project runway!

  3. Dancing with the stay-at-home-Mom's sounds awesome! It's about time we had some fun I'd say!

    Lavinia, I'll tell Tad you've offered! ;) I would love to watch the two of you planting potatos in chili!

  4. I think I've told you I would totally do Amazing Race with Matt. He could eat the bugs and I'll solve the puzzles. Plus, the sibling teams always dominate b/c they can yell at each other w/o it affecting their relationship...usually b/c yelling at each other is the foundation of their relationship...And if somebody else is going to foot the bill for me to travel around the world and do awesome things that i don't have the guts or money to do on my own -- well, i'm not gonna turn them down. =)

  5. I'd NEVER be on wife swap. They only have crazy people on that show. If they pick you.. you have major problems.

    I'd offer to go to on amazing race with Lavinia.. but I'm definitely not her outdoorsy opposite, lol.



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