Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The link above will take you to a new site where you can bid on lots of awesome products. Including Ipads, flat screen tv's, louis vuitton purses, toys, jewelry, even gift cards all of which bid for amazingly low prices! The last Ipad wen t for under $4, the flat screen was under $9, and the purse went for under $5.

The catch is that you have purchase bids to participate. The packages are as follows:
40 bids - $27
100 bids + spin - $60
175 bids + spin - $100
300 bids + spin - $150

A spin is basically like the wheel of fortune, you get to spin to see how many additional bids you get on the wheel, ranging from 1 to 20. Once you buy a bid package you get a free spin, plus you get a free spin every day you log onto BidRack. BidRack is a partner with that I really like and have heard really good things about. They have really great guarantees and policies ie. If you don't win the bid you can use the bids that went towards the product for store credit, flat rate $2 shipping, and their Win Back guarantee - if you buy 100 bids and don't win anything they will give you your bids back until you do.

Right now there are more auctions than there are bidders so it's a great place to auction for things if you have the money to buy the bids. And they're running a great promotion from now until February 26th at midnight that if you sign up and get your friends to sign up & buy bid packages you get Apple products!
3 friends - Shuffle
6 friends - Apple TV
10 friends - Nano
15 friends - Ipod touch
35 friends - Ipad
65 friends - Macbook Air

So if this sounds like a deal for you sign up!

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