Saturday, February 19, 2011

Grandparents = Pure Love

Today I am feeling very grateful for my Grandparents! I have many sets of them, and I love them all. I don't have a picture of my dad's step mom, Loretta or his mom, Joyce. But I have some great memories with both of them!

Tad's grandparents are the sweetest people you'll ever meet!

My Grandpa Richard is the most loyal man I know. He's driven more miles than I can imagine to make it to all of our special events growing up. He made every effort to be there for every birthday, graduation, wedding, and everything that comes in between. We share a love of Honey Buzzer cereal and Dr. Pepper, not to mention Dion's Pizza! (Which is in Albuquerque, not sure where else, but it's AWESOME!)

And finally, I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to live in the same city as my mom's parents, Wayne & Gae. These are the grandparents that we spent the majority of our Christmas's with, so I have years and years of memories of my Grandma's special fudge and craft projects that she'd have ready for all of us. Not to mention the games that Grandpa would challenge us to! Even now when we go over for a visit he's often got a new game he's ready to teach me, or better yet my 2 year old Wes. Below are my amazing grandparents with my mom in the middle.

My Grandpa is a big player and campaigner for the St. George Lawn Bowls Club, and he played AND placed in I'll have you know, in the Senior Games. He's even been in the newspaper a few times for it!

My Grandma who's always ready to give Wes a hand (picture is from halloween a couple of years ago in their home) has made their house so amazing with it's design and decor that it's been featured in St. George magazine!

They almost never let us leave their home empty handed, and often show up at our house with Grandma's latest yard sale finds! The woman is a master at yard sales and thrift shops! You should see the amazing things in her home she got for a fraction of the cost!

And my kids just love them to pieces! Wes took a little while to warm up, but now he's begging me to go visit them almost every day! They're our favorite baby sitters, and always ready with great advice!

My grandparents have been there for pretty much every special day of my life. I was born in their home, my Grandpa baptized me when I was 8, they were there for my Jr. High graduation as well as my High School one. They were the first to tell me to marry my husband Tad. Grandpa was even the witness at my wedding. I'm so grateful that my children are getting this chance to spend so much time with them.

My Grandpa was a college professor and my Grandma was the one running everything else. They've lived and visited about everywhere in the world, and they've made their journey in life together every step of the way. Even through Grandpa trying to 'supervise' Grandma through most of it! ;) They always have an open door policy, and an attitude for adventure. Theirs' is a life I would love to mirror mine after.

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  1. Yay for Grandparents!! Grandpa Richard was so great while we were growing up. And there's no one I can say I respect and want to be more like than Grandma Gae. Love you Candice. Thanks for the reminder of how lucky we are. :)



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