Monday, January 30, 2012

What I Love About Valentine's Day

There are many great things about Valentine's Day, here are some of my favorites:Conversation Hearts
For some reason I find these tiny 'heart felt' (haha) messages delicious! I could eat a whole bag in one afternoon. Not to mention all the fun you have making funny sentences.

Boxes of Chocolates
Ok, so I'm really not a huge fan of the chocolates that come inside of these cute boxes, but I have a soft spot for them. When I was a little girl my dad was only in charge of one holiday, which was Valentine's Day of course! When I woke up in the morning there was always a cute box full of chocolates laying on my pillow. Love it.

Valentine's Day Cards
ESPECIALLY the cards you give out when you're a kid. I remember being so excited when my mom came home with a box of Garfield or Scooby-Doo valentine's day cards for me to give to my friends!

Valentine's Day Box
And where better to put those awesome cards than in the box you made out of a shoe box, some construction paper and some stickers. I LOVE those boxes!

Pink & Red Clothes
I love dressing up for holidays, or at least dressing up my kids! So adorable!

And what I love most of all is Chocolate Covered Strawberries
I have an addiction to these deliciously, delicious things. I wish for some every V-Day, and this year I hope I get some!

What's your favorite thing about Valentine's Day?

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