Sunday, January 1, 2012

On a Mission to Find Healthy Snacks

In keeping with one of my New Year's resolutions I went on a mission to find healthy snacks, or at least healthier than the late night bowl of sugar coated cereal and handful of candy I normally ingest. I'm on day one of the new year and I'm already feeling the burn of my low carb/low sugar diet!

20 Healthy snack ideas from Keep Your Diet Real

Another great list of healthy snacks from Undressed Skeleton. These cucumber slices topped with red pepper hummus looks really good! They had a lot of great ideas including carrot chips, pb&j crunchers and tiny tuna melts.

And, of course, what diet would be complete without smoothies! Life With Nature has a list of 7 great smoothies that are each designed to do something different for your body. From slim your tummy to fight wrinkles!

And Martha Stewart has a great Oatmeal smoothie that looks really tasty! And the best part is that I already have 95% of the ingredients in my kitchen.

I would love to hear some other ideas so please help me out!

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