Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cravings That Wont Quit: Jensen Ackles

Oh Jensen Ackles, if only you'd known about my massive crush on you before I got married. Maybe then we'd have had a shot. Oh well, at the very least he makes a great post for my latest 'Craving'.So manly, yet so HOT! I love the rugged vibe that you get from him.
.......yeah, H-O-T. Anyway on to the shows that I like that Jensen's appeared on.

Dark Angel

Ok, so I've never actually seen Dark Angel before, but it's one of those shows that I've always wanted to watch. Maybe it's Tad's Jessica Alba infatuation that's holding me back. He played both the role of psycho serial killer, Ben, and Ben's clone Alec who is somewhat more sane.

Dawson's Creek
I love my Joey-Pacey-Dawson triangle, but I was definitely intrigued to find Jensen Ackles as CJ one of Jen's love interests! Although I'm not a huge fan of the long hair I still have major love for Mr. Ackles.

He moved from The Creek to Smallville where he became the love interest to Lana Lang as Jason Teague. I was really rooting for Lana and Jason until he went a little bit crazy. But who could go wrong with guys as hot as Jensen Ackles and Tom Welling!

Batman Under The Red Hood
I was watching this Batman movie with my son one day and as soon as I heard the voice of Robin I knew it had to be Jensen. It's a pretty cool movie, although it's a little bloody.

And then Jensen scored his starring role as Dean on Supernatural. This is where I really fell for his rugged cocky charm. I love his character on this show. He's a loyal, charming, guy's-guy who's just a tad bit screwed up. Plus he's constantly saving the world!

Here are a couple of my favorite clips from Supernatural. This one is from an episode where Dean is infected by something that makes him terrified of everything. Hahaha, I'm laughing just thinking about this clip

And this clip is a
behind-the-scenes clip that Jensen did just for fun :) Super awesome.

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