Friday, January 20, 2012

SIGNS!!! DIY Tutorial for Making Custom Signs

I can't tell you how many adorable signs I've seen on Pinterest, or perhaps just hilarious quotes that I wish were on a sign. So for Christmas this year I decided to make some for gifts. I didn't remember to document those, but luckily it was Tad's birthday yesterday so I had another chance!

Honestly the hardest part is decided which quotes to put on the board, but that's where Google and Pinterest come into play. Here is my awesome tutorial for a thrifty way to make your own awesome sign for an awesome price.

Step 1: Buy a piece of wood
I got this at Lowes for around $11. There's a great selection there with boards of various sizes, I didn't have to cut this at all. At Christmas I got a board that was about this tall but a lot wider and had Tad cut it in two and I made two signs :) You can get smaller boards at craft stores like Michaels, or just use scrap wood.

Step 2: Pick a Quote, Print it out in whatever font you want

Step 3: Rub pencil lead on the back of your lettering. Make sure you cover it well.

Step 4: Cut out your words and tape them on the board how you want them.
I used measurements and drew strait lines on my boards for Christmas, but this time I just eye-called it. I say do whichever you like! I especially liked using a figure on this board, I think it made it a little more unique. Tad loves his MJ.

Step 5: Trace your lettering with a pencil.
You don't need to press really hard, just use a 'medium' amount of pressure.

Step 6: Paint in the lines.
Try and find a paintbrush with a nice skinny-tip, especially if you've chosen a font that's thin. When choosing a paint color remember that the stain will darken it.

Step 7: Make sure you have the stain you want and rubber gloves.

Step 8: Lay your board out on plastic, and use a rag to stain your board.
I used garbage bags and it worked great. You can either apply extra coats to make it darker, or rub off excess stain to lighten it a little. So start with a light coat!

Step 9: Let it dry.

Step 10: Admire your work

It's THAT easy! Although there are a couple of 'ifs'.
IF once your done you find that your lettering doesn't show up as much as you'd like, you'll probably need to repaint over it.
And IF you decide you don't want to stain your board and that you'd like to paint it instead paint the board first, then trace your lettering onto it.

I know you're all dying to go try this out, and honestly I can't blame you! It's awesome. So go do it!


  1. The white paint and the stain worked out really nice! what a great idea. :)

    1. Thanks :) I was really excited about the finished product

  2. Impressive!!! And a great present idea. That lucky Tad, what a sweet wife you are.

    1. I'd say I'm more of a Sour Patch Kid. First I'm sour, then I'm sweet. :) We need to hang out soon! What's your monday look like?

  3. That looks awesome Candice! Good job!

    1. Thanks :) I always try to make my blog at least half as cool as yours! How's being a mom of 2 suiting you?



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