Monday, January 16, 2012

'Skinny' Desserts

If you have a sweet tooth any where near the size of mine you will love these awesome bloggers who share these 'Skinny' recipes for desserts. Here are a few that are on the top of my 'To Make' list:

Skinny Snickerdoodles
these are 40 calories per cookier
see the recipe from Chocolate-Covered Katie here

Skinny Brownies
these are 130 calories
see the recipe at Sunday Baker here

Low Calorie Red Velvet Cupcakes
these are 140 calories
see the recipe from TheHowToMommy here

Skinny No-Bake Cheesecake
these are 5.25 WW points or 239 calories
see the recipe from SkinnyTaste here

Skinny Funfetti Cupcakes - 2 Ingredients!!!
these are 1.5 WW points, or around 90 calories a piece!
see the recipe from FashionMeetsFood here

Which one are you gonna try first?


  1. Thank you for these little gems. Pretty much can't wait to try all of them. Good thing they are "skinny desserts" now I can make one everyday this week!

  2. You'll have to invite me over everyday then ;)



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