Monday, May 23, 2011

My New Addiction VERONICA MARS

So my sister has been telling me I would love Veronica Mars for a while now, I should have known she was right. She's so wise. I started it a few weeks ago (on Netflix, instant streaming) and I'm addicted. The really funny thing is, Tad likes it too. That's probably because it's seriously funny!
Veronica Mars
The first two words that come to mind when I try to describe Veronica Mars are bad a$$. While I try to steer clear of phrases like this, it just fits so perfectly. Although she wasn't always categorized like this. She used to be the typical pretty and perky '0-9-er', otherwise known as the wealthy and popular kids at Neptune High School. She was the sheriff's daughter, dating the rich and popular Duncan Kane, and best friends with his rebellious sister Lily. All of that changed after Lily was murdered. Duncan dumped her for no apparent reason, and Veronica's father, Sheriff Keith Mars, was fired for doggedly pursuing Lily's father as the main suspect in her murder.
Refusing to admit defeat, her father opened up a private detective agency, and hired his lovely daughter as his secretary/side kick. Veronica excels at life as a PI, and quickly has her classmates begging for her help. Which is strange since most of them hate her. She usually takes pity (along with a large sum of money) on the poor schmucks and solves their mysteries with wit, sarcasm, and just a hint of revenge ;)
Keith Mars
Keith has a great relationship with his daughter. Sadly, that's about the only great relationship he has. His wife leaves unexpectedly a few episodes into the series, and pretty much the entire town of Neptune despises him.
Lily Kane
Lily is Veronica's fun loving, free spirit best friend who has a rebellious streak larger than the Mississippi River. She tended to jump into trouble head first, which is probably what lead to her murder. Solving her murder is the storyline that takes you through the first season.
Duncan Kane
Duncan is Lily's brother and Veronica's ex boyfriend. They were very much in love, until the day he decided to stop speaking to her. Although he never really seems to get over either Lily's death, or his breakup with Veronica.
Logan Echolls
Logan is Lily's on-again/off-again boyfriend, and Duncan's BFF. He's among the ruling party of '909-ers' at Neptune High because of his movie star father. After Lily's murder he came to one decision. He's pissed at Veronica.
As the show goes on we find ourselves waiting out another nail biting love triangle! I'd tell you whose team I'm on, but I don't want to influence your vote.
Wallace Fennel
On his first day of school Wallace gets duct taped naked to the flagpole by the neighborhood biker gang. As fate would have it, Veronica Mars is the only one with enough balls to cut him down. This was the beginning to a beautiful friendship. Especially when Wallace found himself working in the school office, coincidentally gaining access to student records. In addition to being a loyal BFF to Veronica, he's a star basketball player!
Eli 'Weevil' Navarro
Weevil is the head of the local biker gang (yes, the same one that taped poor Wallace to the flag pole). He and Veronica have a love/hate relationship with each other. While they're constantly butting heads, they often find themselves helping each other out. There's something I really like about the way they get along (or the lack of getting along).

Do you want to see if Veronica Mars is for you? Check out this clip.

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  1. i KNEW it! :D Totally your kind of show. Calling you tomorrow to see where you are in it. :)



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