Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Grease 2, Be a Cool Rider!

One of my favorite 80's movies is Grease 2. That's right, I said Grease 2.
Everyone remembers Danny and Sandy's love story. Sadly a much smaller crowd remembers Michael and Stephanie.
Stephanie Zinone is the new head of the pink ladies. She's gorgeous, head strong, and not just a little rebellious. She has large dreams for her future (especially her future man), and she's starting to feel a little fenced in by her obligations to the T-birds. After spending the summer before Senior year going hot and heavy with the head of the T-Birds, Johnny Nogerelli, she's decided she's outgrown him. Now she's waiting to find someone a little 'cooler'.
PS-We love Michelle Pfieffer from One fine Day, What Lies Beneath, Batman Returns and the newest version of Hairspray
Johnny Nogerelli is this years head of the T-Birds. He's having a tough time letting go of Stephanie, but he's finding a distraction in another Pink Lady, Paulette He'd like people to believe he's tougher than he really is, and he does a pretty good job of it. That is until the rival tough guys, the 'Cycle Lords' show up.
Michael Carrington is a very smart transfer student from England who happens to be cousins with Sandy from Grease 1. On his first day he starts his obsession with Stephanie Zinone. Now while I find him very hot, with a sexy accent, all Stephanie sees is a slightly geeky tutor. When she shoots him down he becomes determined to be more like who she wants and change her mind.
PS- If you've ever seen Empire Records you'll know how awesome Rex Manning is.'Say no more, Mon Amour!'
The T-Birds
Johnny, Louis, Goose, and Davey
They're all girl crazy, class-cutting boys who are having the time of their lives at Rydell High!
The Pink Ladies
Stephanie, Paulette, Sharon, Rhonda, Delores, and Frenchy
This years Pink Ladies are hot, tough, and sassy. They don't plan on taking crap from anybody! Especially the T-Birds.
One of the only cast members that made it from Grease 1 to Grease 2 is Frenchy. If you'll remember she dropped out of Rydell High to pursue Beauty School, and now she's back to get her degree. She doesn't have the largest role, but it's great to have an original Pink Lady around.
I will admit that Grease 2 is much cheesier than it's predecessor, but I really like it. It makes me laugh. If you haven't seen it yet, give it a chance!

And until then here's a link to my favorite songs
Cool Rider
Who's that Guy


  1. I saw this when I lived in Germany 1982-83, and we had few US movies. Tron and Grease 2 were a weekly if not daily staple for us - me more than my folks.
    I know it's not as classic as Grease, but... I see it not as a direct sequel... it's not just a story about the characters (New & Returning), but as a story about Rydell High itself as well. I think of it as The Rydell Legacy - Return to Rydell (Grease 2). Unless Rydell itself got closed, Grease and Grease 2 would simply be chapters in Rydell's History. Sadly, Excelsior High in Norwalk - where G2 was filmed - was shut down a year before filming.

    And to me, Paulette was the 2nd in command of the T-Birds, but Sharon certainly acted like she was in charge

  2. Sorry, I meant Pink Ladies!
    Watching TV and the sound threw me off



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