Monday, May 16, 2011

Shout Shia if You're Cool

Today I have a craving for someone who's a little dorky/sexy. What's the fix for that, you might ask. For me it's Shia LaBeouf, I lOVE him! There's just something about his sarcastic/awkward/quick witted persona that has me hooked.

My first encounter with Shia was way back in the day when he was playing Louis Stevens on the Disney Channel's Even Stevens. He was the classic annoying little brother to the perfect older sister. Even then he was so awkwardly hilarious that I couldn't change the channel because I was laughing too hard.
The Disney Channel went to Shia for the leading role in Holes. It's a great movie where Shia plays Stanley Yelnats, an innocent boy who was wrongly convicted and sent to a particularly harsh detention camp for kids. They are forced to dig holes every day, all day in the middle of the desert for their punishments. Not realizing the camp leaders are secretly searching for a buried treasure.
I, Robot
He took a small role in I, Robot playing Will Smith's wanna-be friend, Farber. It's a small part, but I think he's pretty funny in it. PS- I, Robot is the story of a world that has made the mistake of creating robots smart enough to think for themselves. Of course this can only end badly, and Will Smith plays Detective Del Spooner, possibly the only man on earth that with the motive and means to find the truth.
This was the first movie that made me think Shia was more than just hilarious. In this true story he plays Francis Ouimet, a young, underprivileged boy who dreams of being a professional golfer. Unfortunately not only is he poor, his father is determined to see him quit golf and get a real job. Against the odds, and his own nerves, he manages to get his chance to take on the world's best golfers in the US Open.
While I don't normally like scary movies, this one makes the cut. In a remake of the classic film Rear Window, Shia plays Kale, who was a normal teenage boy until he survived a brutal car accident, sadly his father wasn't so lucky. He became a 'troubled teen', even landing himself under home arrest for the summer after punching a teacher. In between getting banned from tv and video games and befriending the new girl he uncovers a potentially dangerous neighbor. Disturbia goes from laugh out loud funny to nail biting scary so fast you'll be shocked and awed. I SO recommend this flick!
Quite possibly my favorite of the Marvel Comics turned into movies. Shia is Sam Witwicky, the dork with a dream to make it into the popular click. Fate turns his life upside down when his new car turns out to be a highly advanced alien sent to protect him from other highly advanced aliens. He finds himself in the middle of a war he never knew existed, luckily he's got the girl of his dreams to keep him company. :)
Shia plays the son of Indiana Jones, Mutt Williams. Indy and Mutt find themselves teamed up with Mutt's mom (and Indy's former lover), Marion in the search for the Crystal Skull and the secrets it's hiding.
This is a seriously cool movie. Shia plays Jerry Shaw, a very smart, yet unmotivated Stanford dropout who's thrown into the aftermath of the war his twin brother Ethan, an Air Force Lieutenant started before he was murdered. He, along with Rachel, a single mother who's had her son kidnapped, are at the mercy of an unknown person who's forcing them on a mission that can only end badly. If you like action thrillers, you'll love this one!
Shia becomes Sam Witwicky once more to battle the Decepticons after they make it impossible for him to be a normal college student. Instead of having a brain filled with math and science, his is full of alien symbols and secrets.
Shia plays Jake Moore in the continuation of the original Wall Street. He's the brilliant boyfriend/fiancee of the famously disgraced Wall Street legend, Gordon Gekko. Driven by rage Jake makes a deal with the 'devil' (as far as his daughter's concerned, that is) to reunite Gekko with his daughter in exchange for help with revenge.

Personally I'll watch any movie with Shia in the credits, I hope that now you all feel the same!

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