Monday, May 30, 2011

10 Tips for College Going Young Moms

As of tomorrow I will no longer be a college drop out! Although, since I haven't taken classes in over 6 years I will now be a stressed out, stretched thin college student with 2 small kids. I need all the help I can get to keep my sanity.
So here are some great tips for anyone in my same position!
1. Set a consistent time for yourself to study
Setting a regular study time for yourself is a great way to stay on task with your coursework and to make sure it gets done.

2. Explain what’s going on to your kids
Keep your kids in the loop of what’s going on – explain that you’re going to school, why you’re doing it, and what that means for the family.

3. Ask for help from friends and family
Don’t be afraid to ask for help and to accept assistance from your friends or family members. They want to see you succeed and will be happy to pitch in.

4. Arrange to study when the kids are asleep, at school, or with friends
Be proactive by arranging study times that will match up with nap time or play-dates.

Thank goodness my kids both take naps!

5. Communicate with your instructor about your situation
Get to know your instructor early on, and communicate openly throughout the course.

6. Create a workspace that is free of distractions
Your study center should be a focused place that is away from the kids where you can go for uninterrupted time.

It's too bad our desk is in the living room because there's no room anywhere else in our pint size place.

7. Check out resources on time management and balance
Look for resources on time management and stories from other moms who have managed it all.

8. Spend time relaxing
It’s just as important to spend some time relaxing as it is to be productive during your study sessions. Rejuvenation will keep you going.

9. Create special family times to spend with the kids
Set aside specific times for the kids away from all other work, so that the importance of family isn’t forgotten.

10. Be flexible
Learn to be flexible with your planning and schedules, as things simply won’t always go as planned.

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