Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Office

I put off watching The Office for a time because it felt a little like you're either a FRIENDS fan or an OFFICE fan. Well I'm here to tell you that you can be both! It's so funny! If you want to get into it I recommend starting it from the beginning and going through it that way. It's more hilarious when you do it like that. :) Meet a few of the characters:

Branch Manager

I don't think I've made it through an entire episode without cringing at Michael. It's literally painful to watch him struggle with his verbal diarrhea. He usually has good intentions, however things rarely turn out how he's envisioned them.

Angela, Oscar, & Kevin
Accounting Department

Kevin is not the smartest crayon in the box, but he does care about his friends an awful lot! He also has a very large jar of M&M's on his desk. Oscar is probably one of the most normal people in the office. Not to mention the nicest homo-sexual you'll ever meet. And Angela is rude, abrupt, and generally thinks she's better than everyone else. She does seem to have a weakness for Dwight, which I'll never understand.

Stanley & Phyllis

Stanley is, as Michael says, a hilarious middle-aged black man with sass. He's working as little as he has to for as short a time as he can, and trying to ignore Michael and his craziness in the process. The only day he actually likes to be at work is Pretzel Day. Cause on Pretzel Day, it's alright.
Phyllis is a sweetheart until you she feels threatened. Then she pulls out claws that don't look any duller from the smile she pairs them with. She marries Bob Vance from Vance Refrigeration and isn't afraid to cut loose! Plus she loves girl talk.

Assistant to the Regional Manager
Volunteer Deputy

There are not enough words to describe Dwight. Maybe a good karate chop in the face would do it. He's so ridiculous he's hilarious. The Schrute family has some strange traditions, an example would be that they get married standing in their future graves....yeah. He's taken it upon himself to keep the office safe. He does that by hiding dangerous weapons around the office. He owns his own Beet Farm, also, he lives there & runs it with his cousin Mose. He's intense, a little disgusting, and highly annoying (especially to Jim).
But the show wouldn't be half as good without him. There's nothing funnier than watching Jim prank Dwight.

Jim & Pam
Sales & Receptionist

A love story to make your heart flutter is told here. It goes something like this.
Jim loves Pam.
Pam's engaged to Roy. Although we're pretty sure Pam loves Jim despite the engagement.
Jim kisses Pam and gets shot down.
Pam dumps Roy but it's too late cause Jim's dating Karen.
Pam finally confesses her love.
Jim dumps Karen.
Jim & Pam date!
Jim and Pam are not perfect people, in fact sometimes they are down-right awkward, but we love them anyways. My heart went through a roller-coaster watching them get together and I loved every minute of it.

There are a lot of other great characters on this show, I could go on all night about them all! You can watch The Office on HuluPlus so go get on it! (That's what she said.)

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