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Lots of Shows I love


So it may be obvious by now, but I am a fan of most CW shows. Nikita is new this year and way awesome! Not only does she kick some serious trash, she's got a decent sense of humor! The show resolves around your an organization called Division, which is your basic secret government agency gone bad. They recruit young men and women who have no friends, no family, and no future and blackmails them into training to be assassins. Nikita was a recruit that came to realize the truth after several years in their employ and the murder of her finance. She escaped and is now working to bring Division down, with the help of her partner Alex.

Alex's parents were killed by Division when she was a small girl, and she was thrown into a world of drugs and filth. She is currently undercover as a recruit in division, using her place to feed Nikita inside information.

Michael is Nikita's mentor and Alex's boss. He was inducted into division after his wife and daughter were killed in a bomb meant for him. He has now been charged with bringing in Nikita, his former favorite Division Agent. We've seen many sparks of romance between the two of them, and I can't wait to see them flame up!

I remember Michael best as Landon from A Walk to Remember. Another movie I love!

A cast member with a smaller role is Owen Elliot, another former Division agent who escaped with Nikita's help. Do you recognize him?

Yes, that's Devon Sawa! I remember him best as Scott Wormer in Now and Then (One of my all time favorite movies!)

And one last casting surprise, Melinda Clarke plays Amanda, The go-to person at Division to turn the young criminals into young ladies and gentlemen.

I have a hard time seeing her as anyone other than Julie Cooper from The OC. The social climbing mom you love to hate!

Just another great recommendation from your friendly neighborhood TV Watcher!


Last weekend Tad's brother Toby got married to a wonderful girl named Heather. At their wedding reception they played the song 'Way Back Into Love' Can anyone tell me what movie that song is from???????

That's right! Music & Lyrics! I have been a HUGE Hugh Grant fan since I was a little girl. I love him as the slightly awkward nice guy (Notting Hill, 4 Weddings and a Funeral, Mickey Blue Eyes...) , and I love him as the cocky witty bad boy (Bridget Jones's Diary, Two Weeks Notice, About a Boy...). He's in so many of my favorite movies, and Music & Lyrics is up there at the top. I'm a sucker for musicals, and although this isn't exactly a musical it's got enough singing to please me!

And although my husband would disagree with me I am a Drew Barrymore fan as well. (The Wedding Singer, Ever After, Never Been Kissed, 50 First Dates...) I think the combination of Hugh and Drew worked beautifully. I spent the majority of the movie laughing my butt off, and the rest of it dancing around my living room with my daughter.

The Pop band and of course the famous 'Pop' dance move is pure genius! If you've ever seen this movie I'd wager that you've tried it out once or twice. I know I have. ;)

Where's your sexy face Hugh?

If you're looking for a movie that will make you laugh this is your pick! If it's on your dvd shelf pull it out and put it in, and if you've never seen it remedy that soon! It's well worth it.

Here's a link Hugh's awesomely 80's music video.

Pop Music Video

Ok, so there are SO MANY awesome shows out there that I'll be adding them a little at a time. I decided to start with the BEST SHOW EVER MADE! Boy Meets Worlds is my all time favorite show. When I was a teenager I waited all week for TGIF to come every Friday night. I loved all of the shows (Family Matters, Step by Step, Sabrina the Teenage Witch....) but BMW has no competition for top dog in my heart.

The Cory/Shawn relationship is central to the show, and also a strange mix of best friends and boyfriends. They play with the dynamic throughout the show several times, particularly when Shawn dates a girl who tries to separate them and during Cory and Topanga's wedding. I moved around a lot when I was a kid and the idea of friends for life was like a dream to me. Aint nothing gonna come between these boys!

The other half of BMW is the Cory/Topanga relationship. Cory loves his Topy like you wouldn't believe, although he can be a little naive when it comes to love and commitment. It always seemed a little funny to me that Topanga started the series out as the weird girl in the class. Channeling spirits and painting her face with lipstick. Yet by the end she seemed to be one of the most well grounded of the group. They're both unique, but good for eachother.

Shawn was my crush in the early days of the show. He was mister cool with his leather jackets and unforgettable hair.

In the later years of the show a new cast member was added. Shawn's half brother Jack moved into town and stole my crush from Shawn.

I don't think anyone could blame me for the transfer of my affections. Especially if you saw him in the 6% body fat episode where he flashes his abs!

But the title of Favorite Character goes to Eric Matthews, hands down. From the early days when he dreamed of being 'Secret Agent Guy' to the later one when he tried to 'sneak attack' Topanga after she beat him up. There is no one else who can make me laugh so hard I cry all of my mascara off. If you haven't seen him in action then you need to start now. Boy Meets World plays every morning on ABC Family, make your day a little better and start watching now.

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  1. Boy Meets World was a part of my life I'll never forget. I really love this show I feel like I am a part of this little family ! I still watch it everyday after 20 years of its first season :)



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