Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spiderman Take Two: The Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man was the only super hero I ever really got into. I used to get up every Saturday morning to watch the cartoon with my dad. They are some of my favorite memories of my dad.
So when the first Spider-Man film came around I was so excited to see it!I thought the movie was funny and inventive and I thought Toby Maguire was a good choice for Peter Parker. However, even though I liked the movie, I did think it was a little over the top. The costumes and dialog were all very.....well, comic book-y. Maybe they thought it should be larger than life because Spider-Man was one of the first super-heros to make it to the big screen in several years. I think the heros who came after Spidey (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America...) were a little more....realistic, even while they are still incredibly, incredible.

So for whatever reasons they had, they are bringing Spider-Man back once more from the top!
This time Peter is played by Andrew Garfield (he played Eduardo Saverin on The Social Network). From what I've heard they will be focusing more on Peter's school days, and his history. Specifically that of his Parents. I've got to admit that one of the reasons I'm so excited for this movie is Gwen Stacy: Yup, Emma Stone is Gwen Stacy. I hope you love Emma Stone as much as I do, if not then please check out my post on Easy A. Awesome, awesome movie.

So here are the trailers that are out on the up and coming Amazing Spider-Man. Coming out this summer on July 3rd! Enjoy :)

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