Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tell Me, Which TV Hottie Would You Choose?

I know you've thought about it. Don't deny it. We're all friends here, let's just be honest. Who would YOU choose? Let's go over some options shall we?

Wade Kinsella from Hart of Dixie
If you prefer country boys Wade may be the guy for you.
Job: Bartender

While Wade secretly crushes on you he will try very hard not to let you know that. Instead he'll spend his time teasing and playing practical jokes on you. Despite his elementary school flirting tactics you can always count on Wade to do what you need him to. Even if you don't know you need him to help you, and even if that means he has to swallow his pride.

Neal Caffrey from White Collar
If you like sophistication sprinkled with excitement then I would suggest Neal.
Job: Criminal Consultant for the FBI (heavy on the CRIMINAL)

Neal has a charm, and lets face it, FACE that makes women take notice. If he's interested in you he lets you know and puts his 'silver tongue' to work getting you interested in him as well (not that it's a hard sale). Even though he's had some trust issues in the past once you've won his heart he'll risk prison and death to keep you safe and get you what you want.

Daniel Grayson from Revenge
If cultured, rich, and beautiful are your cup of tea take a look at Daniel.
Job: Heir to Grayson family empire

Daniel has your typical rich-boy-gone-bad background; drugs, alcohol, and scandal. After he hit rock bottom he made up his mind to clean up his life. Now he is trying his best to be the perfect son, all he needs is a special girl who will give him someone to live up to. That girl could be you!

Shawn Spencer from Psych
Are you a fan of delicious flavor? 80's cinema references? Awkward public displays of strangeness? Well it's your lucky day! Meet Shawn:
Job: Psychic Detective

Shawn is cute, intelligent, and more than a little quirky. His attention to detail makes it easy for him to see the truth about people. You wont be able to hide much from this one! He'll flirt and flirt until he finally realizes that he can't live without you and finally makes a move. From there your life would be filled with silliness, craziness, and lots of cuddles.

Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries
If you like a little danger in your men then you'll be in love with Damon.
Job: He's a 162 year old vampire, he only takes a job if he feels like it

Damon is your typical sarcastic, brooding bad boy. He's ridiculously hot, and has a way of looking at the world that makes me laugh. He seems to be prone to being the unfortunate short side of love triangles, but he can't seem to help himself. It's hard to worm your way into his heart, but once you've done it he's nothing but loyal (sometimes in his own twisted way). But who wouldn't want a love that would last, literally, forever?!

My, my. Writing bio's on all of these hot men is making it hard to choose! But I think if I had to choose I'd have to go with Wade. There's something about a good old fashioned country boy that softens my heart. I'd take Wade to the annual Sweethearts dance and tell everyone in Bluebell that he's mine!

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  1. Sorry to break it to you Candice, but Neal Coffey is gay in real life :( and I would have to choose Damon :)



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