Friday, November 4, 2011

Things I Find Dead Sexy

I can't really tell you why I wanted to do this post today, but here it is. Things I find irresistibly attractive:
Thoughtful Gifts
I would so much rather get a gift like a new up and coming young adult novel than a $100 gift card to my favorite store. I want a gift that tells me my guy has been paying attention to ME and what I like.

Makes Me Laugh
For some reason I always feel a bond with someone who can make me laugh so hard I cry. Yes, I may look a little ridiculous with mascara filled tears running down my face, but it's so worth it.

Hot Dance Moves!
Not just your standard slow dance (although it's like pulling teeth to get Tad to take me somewhere he knows will be dancing) but someone who moves like he's got no bones in his body. Dead freaking sexy.

Nice Arms
Sometimes this is the only scene I remember from The Bourne Identitiy, but I really don't have a problem with that. When I try to think of examples of guys with nice arms, this is always my first thought. Dang Strait.

Awesome Singer
I think this one is fairly cliche, but what can I say. It's dead sexy with a capital 'D'! I am quite fond of the sexy voice of Puck from Glee. There's something gritty about it that I love.

So tell me people, what are you drooling over?


  1. You know I have never thought about the arms, but I will add that to my list, the photo convinced me!

    for my list I would add Brains. Nothing like a good nerdy conversation to turn me on!

  2. I don't know about a 'nerdy' conversation. Unless you'd count Harry Potter, Wheel of Time, and anything Amanda Bynes as nerdy....Ok, most people probably would.



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