Monday, November 14, 2011

Hart Of Dixie

So this has quickly become one of my favorite new shows of the season. It's on Mondays on the CW and I hope you'll give it a try if you haven't already. It's one of those feel good shows that I love so much.

New doctor and aspiring heart surgeon, Zoe Hart has been turned down for the fellowship she wanted in New York and forced to take a job in Bluebell, Alabama as a General Practitioner. A job she'd been offered for years from a nice man she met at her college graduation. It's not until she takes the job that she finds out 2 important facts. One- the man has died. Two- the man was her real father. Now she finds herself out of her element and out of luck in making friends.

She has met quite a few people, here's a quick run down:
Zoe's new partner is Dr. Brick Breeland. Everyone in the town knows and loves him, just the opposite of how everyone feels about Zoe. Brick is determined to get rid of Zoe and have the practice all to himself once more.

Brick's daughter is Lemon. She's not the sweetest cherry on the pie, and she's not exactly fond of Zoe. Not just because her father would rather have the practice to himself, but also because it's fairly obvious that Zoe is attracted to her fiance, George Tucker.

George is the town golden boy. He was the first person Zoe met when she got into town and the two have had a connection since. George worked as a lawyer in New York for a time so he can relate to Zoe on a level no one else in Bluebell can. He genuinely adores Lemon, but he also seems to have a genuine fondness for Zoe. So that's pretty much a recipe for disaster. Either that, or just really good TV.

Unfortunately for George his darling fiance seems to have some unresolved issues with Lavon Hayes, the town mayor and former football star. We're not sure what happened there, but we know it was big, and seems far from over.

Unfortunately for Lemon, Zoe's new BFF is none other than Mayor Lavon Hayes. They took to each other right away, she's even living on his property. Although you'd think the mayor would have a nicer guest house.

Lavon has a second guest house where our friend Wade stays. Wade, despite his obvious A+ points (I like to call them abs and arms), you don't make him one of your favorite people until you've seen a few episodes. Then you begin to carve out a place in your heart for him. Although Zoe still manages to keep him at arms length. :) He's worth a second look though.

And here it is, didn't I say it'd be worth it? Oh yeah.

So people, if you're not watching Hart of Dixie, you should be. Look it up on Hulu and get caught up!

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