Saturday, June 4, 2011

TV's Best Bro's over Hoes

So I just finished re-reading Harry Potter and every time I think about the series I can't help myself from laughing at Harry and Ron. There's just something best friends that brings out the mischief in guys. I see the truth of that in my husband and HIS best friend Trey.
Let's take a look at some of my favorite pairs of BFF's. Starting with, of course,

Harry & Ron
Harry Potter
Tragic, determined and outspoken Harry is in perfect balance with Ron and his laid back, underachieving, yet loveable attitude. Ron always finds a way to lighten the mood in the often tense world of Harry's life.
Shawn & Gus
Shawn's 'never grow up' credo makes for great TV when combined with his wickedly awesome detective skills, and his impressive supply of media references. Gus, who's well versed in movie trivia as well, is Shawn's favorite partner in crime. He tries, and often fails, to keep Shawn from embarrassing both of them. Although he doesn't hesitate to act the fool if Shawn's in need, or a hot girl is on the line.
Dawson & Pacey
Dawson's Creek
When you combine Dawson, your typical golden boy, with Pacey, your basic boy from the wrong side of the tracks you get classic TV goodness. Before their relationship is forever injured by the tornado that is Joey Potter, Dawson and Pacey spend many nights getting each other into ridiculous problems.
Corey & Shawn
Boy Meets World
No BFF countdown would be complete without a mention of Corey & Shawn. While some might say they're a little TOO dependent on each other, I think it's a recipe for hilarity! They stand by each other through the worst and best of everything that comes their way. Usually resulting in some kind of hair brained scheme like disguising themselves in womens clothing or starting small businesses out of Mr. Feeny's home.
Joey & Chandler
What seems to me to be the end all and be all of Bro-Friendships is Joey & Chandler. Emotionally stunted Chandler strikes gold when Joey, the under-worked, but over loved actor moves into his life. Their friendship blossoms over a love of BayWatch and never stops growing!
Friendship means never having to give a reason.


  1. I'm re-reading Harry Potter right now. I love those books too. I think its the 9th time I've read book one, 8th time for book 2, 7th for book 3, etc :)

  2. Sounds just like me! I'm obsessed with Harry and the gang.



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