Sunday, June 26, 2011

Families Unite

Sorry for the brief vacation! I was at a family reunion in the coolest place ever! If you're looking for a cabin to rent for a vacation this summer I know 2 great ones. Check them out here. If you're wondering how my weekend was, it went something like this.
We played games.

We played Jeopardy with questions about my grandparents and their lives together. Sadly I was on the losing team. PS. The answer is 'that's DISGUSTING!" which is something my grandpa says if you, say, eat a bowl of ice cream, or get a raise at work.


We hiked.
Ok, so when I say 'we' I mean we sent the husbands with the children. If you'll notice the little boy in the orange shirt who's riding on his daddy's shoulders, that's Wes. Like mother like son.


We had a pool tournament.
That's my fearlessly cool brother shooting it up with my cousins Cam & Alex.

Got a little bit silly.
That's my sweet Scarlett with my mom and my nephew Gavin.

Lucinda Shumway,Gavin Briggs,Scarlett Tuttle

And ate lots of good food.
I love to share with my niece Nora, the corn lover.
Nora Christensen,Candice Tuttle

I'm back and ready to post and post! Thanks for being patient.

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