Friday, June 10, 2011

5 of my favorite Action Movies

I'm sure you've noticed that I love movies. We can't get enough of them. Our go to date night is dinner and a movie (so original, I know). So here's is a list of 5 of my favorite action movies.

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Taken is AWESOME! I've gotta say I never really took notice of Liam Neeson until I saw this movie. He plays Bryan Mills, an ex-spy who's now divorced and desperately trying to save his relationship with his teenage daughter, Kim. Kim pleads with her dad to allow her to take a trip to Europe with her friend, and barely squeaks out permission. Unfortunately her dad's instincts were correct. Shortly after she and her friend reach their hotel in Paris a group of men break in. Kim is on the phone to her dad in the other side of the hotel room so she sees when they abduct her friend. Her dad manages to stay calm and instructs her to keep the line open and yell out any information she can get about her abductors. After making a promise of death to the men who take her he begins tracking down everyone and anyone who might know where she is. And this is when we learn how much of a bad a$$ he is. Like I said, this movie is awesome.

Prince of Persia
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I was surprised at how good this movie was, Disney did a great job. There are some really great action scenes with impressive, animal like acrobatics. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Dastan, a poor orphan in the Persian Empire who had the good fortune to impress the King with his bravery and skill as boy. He's adopted into the royal family as a younger brother to the King's 2 sons. He grows up as a skilled fighter with an impressive group of soldiers following him. The Empire invades the ancient city of Amalut, succeeding only because of Dastan and his soldiers impressive fighting. After their victory Dastan is given a robe to present to his adopted father, the King as a gift to celebrate their triumph. Everything falls apart after the robe turns out to be poisoned and kills the King. Desperate to prove his innocence Dastan escapes capture and sets out to prove his innocence with the help, and sometimes sabotage of Alamut's princess, Tamina who's followed Dastan for her own secret, and mysterious reasons. You wont be disappointed with this movie.

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Most everyone has heard of the epic movie Braveheart. It's a classically amazing movie that won 5 Academy Awards. Mel Gibson plays Sir William Wallace, a Scottish Knight in the 13th century that makes himself known for being vital in the fight against the King in the First War of Scottish Independence. William Wallace was an ordinary man who fell in love with childhood sweetheart, Murron. But unwilling to subject her to Primae Noctis (the law allowing lords to take newly married women into their beds on their wedding night) they married in secret. Shortly after Murron is almost raped by some soldiers, but William manages to fight them off. Tragically Murron is captured and executed, catapulting William, who'd never had any interest in fighting, into the war. His daring tactics quickly gain him a large following of commoners that grows rapidly at his success. Determined to put an end to the tyranny that killed Murron he becomes a man of legend who inspires the people of Scotland till the very end. This is a movie you'll never forget, although you might want to watch an edited version of it.
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Salt, which stars Angelina Jolie, originally had Tom Cruise cast in the title role. Before I went to see the movie I didn't hear many good things about the film, but I've gotta say that I really enjoyed it. Maybe I did because I wasn't expecting an epic thriller, but either way I really like this movie. The movie starts with Evelyn Salt (Jolie) held captive in North Korea, being tortured because they suspect she's an American spy. Finally she is released with a prisoner exchange from the CIA (which is who she works for) because her husband refused to give up working towards her freedom. Although she only married him for a cover story, she finds she has true feelings for him, which she admits to him, along with the truth about what she does with the CIA. 2 years later a Russian man named Vasilly Orlov arrives at the CIA with a story of a plot to assassinate the Russian President Boris Matveyev. He claims that the Russians have placed 'sleeper-agents' in strategic positions all over the United States who have been trained from birth to imitate Americans. He then goes on to claim that agent KA-12 will be the one to assassinate the Russian President, and that her name is Evelyn Salt. As Evelyn Salt is the person interrogating him this posses a problem. Confusion breaks out after this confession. When the CIA tries to hold Salt, she escapes, desperate to get home and find her husband, knowing he will be a target. When she finds nothing but evidence of a kidnapping, she starts a mission that only she knows the objective to. Most of the movie leaves you wondering who's side she's on, but she does some pretty cool things while you're trying to figure it all out. It does have a few scenes that are a little far fetched, but overall I thought it was done really well.

Bourne Trilogy
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Matt Damon started us all off with the first of the trilogy, the Bourne Identity in 2002, and it took off from there. The movies were adapted from Robert Ludlum's novels. The film starts with an unconscious man being pulled from the Mediterranean Sea with 4 bullets in his back. ie. Matt Damon. When he wakes up he has no memory of who he is, where he's from, or what he's doing there. His only clue is a small device that had been surgically placed into his hip that shows an account number for a bank in Zurich. When he gets to the bank he discovers a safety deposit box filled with a surplus of money, a gun, and a passport with his picture for a man named Jason Bourne. He soon realizes that he's about to be arrested, but when the officers come at him he reacts reflexively with the skills of a professionally trained secret agent. After narrowly escaping capture he pays a woman, Marie, to drive him to Paris, which is where the passport says Jason Bourne lives. He meets attack after attack on his journey to discover who he is, meeting each one with a mysterious skill that keeps himself and Marie alive and free, gathering bits of evidence along the way. This is a seriously cool set of movies. Bourne will make you freeze with apprehension and gape with stunned astonishment at the things he can do. Watch it, love it.

There are so many great action movies out there. So many that I'll probably do a part 2 to this post soon. But for now these are 5 of my favorites, although I'm always looking for another good one. Does anyone have any movie suggestions for me?

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