Monday, May 21, 2012

Which TV Best Friend is Most Like Yours?

Do you have a best friend? What are they like? Are your best friends anything like these best friends?

 Mozzie from White Collar
Highly intelligent, resourceful, inventive, secretive, and incredibly paranoid. 
Mozzie will be there to help you solve any problem. He's quirky and strange but he'll stand behind you against any odds. He's not always the best influence, but in the end he always comes out on your side.


Brittany from Glee
Friendly, upbeat, loyal, popular, often confused, and a touch oblivious
Brittany doesn't always understand what's going on around her, but she's almost never without a smile.

 Christina from Grey's Anatomy
Determined, driven, fiercely loyal, a little selfish, single-minded, and logical
Christina is not one to sugar coat things for you. She tells you what she thinks regardless of whether or not you want to hear it. You could call her to help you through the most horrible of situations and she would run right over.

 Nolan from Revenge 
Rich, funny, loyal, does what's best for you even if you don't see that, eccentric, lonely
Nolan has been lonely for a long time, and once he's found a friend he'll do whatever it takes to be the best friend he can be. He's rich and tech savvy and is more than happy to use his resources for your benefit. He may be a little too trusting at times, but his big heart is one of the reasons you keep him around.

Cece from New Girl
Popular, loyal, way hotter than you'll ever be, and teases all your guy friends
Cece is a gorgeous model who knows full well the effect she has on men, and uses it to her full advantage. Despite her man-issues she will drop everything in a heartbeat if you need her.

Gus from Psych
Funny, loyal, talented singer, great at releasing tension, afraid of ghosts
Gus see's himself as a suave, cool guy who's great with the ladies, however he's not quite as cool as he'd like to think. He has a few irrational fears and a love of things like spelling bees, however he will put his trust in you when it really counts.

In case you're wondering what my best friend is like, I would say that she's most like Christina, but with a large does of Brittany. Yes Katie Ann, I'm talking about you girl. So tell me, who is your best friend most like?


  1. I find Jess to be way hotter than Cece.

  2. I don't know whether to be offended or flattered. :) I made one of my co-workers read this and she labeled me as Christina before she ever even finished reading all of them...although she disagreed with the dose of Brittany part: apparently I'm more asian than blonde...

    I hate to disappoint, but MY best friend is none of the ones above. My best friend is like Joey from Friends: funny and sweet, known for his love of food (like meatball sandwiches, or in my friends' case: cereal and/or dominos pizza). Can make you laugh even when you're hating the world, completely loyal, often goofy but known to catch you off guard with surprisingly good advice/ideas when you least expect it, although not all ideas turn out well in the end (seeing if you can fit inside an entertainment center? sounds a whole lot like attempting to run up a down escalator to me...) A little bit quarky, a whole lotta loveable. Pretty similar to someone I know, don't you think?

    1. I just told Tad the escalator story and he's still laughing!!! I miss you Katie Ann. I wish I was there today and we could through pen lids at people, make up awesome dances, and find a way to recreate Domino's Dots. I think that would be a perfect day.



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