Saturday, May 19, 2012

o.b. Tampons "I'm Sorry" Music Video

When I go to the grocery store to buy tampons I really don't have a preference for any particular brand, but I gotta say this stunt has made me want to buy o.b. Tampons. Apparently o.b. discontinued a line that a lot of people got really upset about, and because they kept hearing from consumers how angry they were they made this video that you can personalize with your name. I LOVE IT:


I've gotta say that this is pure awesomeness.

Someday, when my husband or children, or even just a random person gives me one of those weak I'm-not-really-sorry-but-I'll-say-it-if-it-makes-you-happy apologies I'm going to go to this site and just play my song over and over again. If you are having a bad day I am pretty confident that this will make you smile. Give it a try.


  1. That was so funny, the name thing is good, really good. Totally made me smile! Thanks Candice :)



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