Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I am Me

I am a Mormon.

I am a Romantic.

I am a Mother.

I am Politically Undecided.

I am Fashion Impaired.

I am a Wife.

I am too Frightened of Scary Movies to Actually Watch Them.

I am Addicted to Smores.

I am a Dreamer.

I am Uncomfortable in Large Crowds.

I am a College Student.

I am Dorky Dancer.

I am Funnier Than You Are.

I am Someone Who Cries Over Commercials.

I am a Sister.

I am Obsessed with Books and TV Shows that are Meant for Teenagers.

But most importantly, I am so much more than any one of these things.


  1. Yes you are! Miss you! I love that picture!

  2. I miss you too! I wish we could see you soon. I'm thinking about coming to SL around the middle of May. There's another big JBF sale Danielle wants me to go to.



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