Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Suze Orman's Money Book for the Young Fabulous & Broke

My sister Danielle got this audiobook a long time ago, and after she did she told me she'd gotten it for me. Well, of course, I rolled my eyes and thought, "Lame. I don't need that." Well, I finally got around to listening to it years later. I've gotta say that I thought it was really relevant and full of great information. It was nice to have it as an audiobook so I could listen to it when I took my kids on their morning walk, but I wish I had a copy in print so I could highlight and make notes in it. Here is the description of the book from Amazon:

"If you are tired of struggling to make ends meet but don't know a 401(k) from Special K, this book is for you. Aimed specifically at "Generation Broke"--those in their twenties and thirties who are working yet buried in credit card debt and student loans--this user-friendly guide offers a clear introduction to practical investing and money management techniques that can turn even a dismal financial situation around. Bestselling author Suze Orman has a knack for taking the fear out of money matters, and in The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous &: Broke, she shows readers how to set priorities and achieve goals, whether it is to buy a house or save for retirement or pay for a child's education. She also offers inspiration to readers to face their financial problems and get started on a solution. After all, there is good news: young people still have the time to correct problems so that they will never be broke again. Readers who find terms such as diversification and IRA rollover scary--or worse, unimportant--will learn much from this book.

In these pages, Orman clearly and succinctly explains what a FICO score is and why it's so important, offers the lowdown on stocks and mutual funds, provides career advice, and offers lots of tips on dealing with student loan debt, saving money even when times are tight, debt consolidation strategies, and the safest way for newlyweds to merge their finances. She also offers information on credit cards, including why canceling cards is not a good idea, when it makes sense to use them, and the best strategies for paying them off. It may not be the only money book you'll ever need, but it's an excellent place to start. --Shawn Carkonen"

I'd always known about Mutual Funds and IRA's and stocks and things like that, but I'd never really understood them. Suze breaks down the mountain of information and gives you a very organized and easy to follow guide to help you get started. While her book is (obviously) geared toward the young, it gives helpful information for people from their 20's to people who are getting ready for retirement. If you're looking for some information to help you fine tune your finances this is a great book to pick up!

You can get the paperback from Overstock.com for $8.79 here


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