Friday, April 20, 2012

10 of Wes & Scarli's Favorite Things to Do

Do you find yourself constantly trying to find something for your kids to do? I know I have that problem! Well here is a list of some of Wes and Scarlett's favorite things:

Going to college basketball games with Dad
We're lucky because Tad can watch the games from his office so Wes has a space to be crazy. Wes LOVES it when the mascot comes out and greets the crowd.

Having Picnics
What could be more fun than making a nice meal and sharing it with your friends?

Playing in the sand with daddy
(because mommy hates the feel of sand in her toes)
We have a volleyball sand court a block from our house and they love it when we pack up some buckets and shovels and let them get dirty.

Playing Superheros
You would think that Scarlett would want to be a princess or something, but no, she wants to be batman! Or Captain America, or Wolverine, or Darth Vadar. Half of our masks have come from yard sales, and the other half from Walmart, but they love them all equally.

Watching Videos on Mommy's Computer
They like to watch just about anything if it's on my computer, but the ones they like best are the videos of them playing. They can literally sit there for hours watching themselves.

Going to the park
I've started taking them for a long walk 3 or 4 times a week, and to make it a little more fun for them we stop at a park half way. If we go around lunch time I pack food.

Riding their bikes
Wes has a Lightning McQueen bike with training wheels that he has mastered.
And Scarlett borrows a trike someone left in here at the apartment. But both are happy. Scarlett reminds me of the opening sequence to Bobby's World when she rides around.

Grandma Cinda has a great indoor pool that we've been to many times. It might just be their favorite thing.
The kids wear Puddle Jumpers, and I've gotta tell you that if you have toddlers and you've never used these then check them out! They are cheap, awesome, and there's no threat of the kids getting top heavy and tipping forward in the water.

I got some great robot cut outs from Michaels for Wes's birthday last year and they love it when I give them one and some washable paint. Plus Scarlett looks good in a green mustache.

Training for the Rodeo

Wes will be roping steer

And Scarlett will do tricks on horse back.

I bet you had no idea my kids were so talented?! So tell me, what do your kids like to do?

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