Friday, February 3, 2012

White Collar: My New Favorite Show

I heard about White Collar on another blog and decided to give it a try. It has quickly become a new addiction to me. I LOVE IT! It's a lot like Psych (another awesome USA show) but not as silly. It's still hilariously funny! I love watching Neal and Peter slowly learn to trust each other and eventually become best friends. Although my favorite parts are watching Neal be entirely too pleased with himself when his plans amaze everyone. The best part is that you can watch the first two seasons on Netflix!

White Collar stars Neal Caffrey, a white collar criminal who makes a unique deal with the man who sent him to prison (twice), Peter Burke. Neal offers his knowledge and services as an expert in counterfeiting, racketeering, and art and securities theft in exchange for his release from prison. Although Burke decides to accept his offer, he puts Neal on a short leash. The cast in this show is so fantastic!

Watch the Trailer Here

Neal Caffrey
played by Matt Bomer
He's suave, sophisticated, silver tongued, and just plain awesome. He has that boy-ish charm of guys that never quite grow up. Underneath all of his charm and schemes is his heart and it's surprisingly gentle and extremely loyal.

Neal & Peter
Peter Burke
Tim Dekay
Peter is the golden boy of the FBI office, and not just because he's the only man to ever catch Caffrey. He wants so badly to change Neal into an 'upstanding citizen', but Neal continues to push his boundaries. Despite all of the headaches, he and Neal seem to understand each other on a level no on else understands. Which makes for some great banter!

Neal and Mozzie
Willie Garson
Mozzie is Neal's 'contact', his go-to guy. He does have a few strange habits and prejudices against law enforcement, but he's loyal to Neal to the end. He helps Neal and 'The Suit" (his name for Peter) with their official FBI cases, AND he helps Neal with his personal 'cases'. There's something about this quirky character that I just adore.

Neal & Elisabeth
Which is really: Peter & Elisabeth
Which turns into: Peter & Elisabeth & Neal
Elisabeth Burke
Tiffany Thiessen
Saved By The Bell, 90210
Elisabeth is Peter's wife, and she is the kind of wife that all guys dream about. She never complains no matter how many times Peter comes home late, and she ALWAYS offers him great advice when he comes to her with his problems. She also happens to have a soft spot for Neal. I think that she sees the affect Neal has on Peter and thinks it's good for him. And we all know that the wife knows best.

So if you're looking for your new favorite show here it is!
Remember that the first 2 seasons are on Netflix!!! Check it out!


  1. I've been watching this too Candice! I wish I could get trey to watch it with should watch covert affairs. I think you would like that one too.

    1. also, Tad loves it more than I do. Trey has GOT to start branching out. It can't all be Fast & The Furious

  2. We LOVE this show! The characters are so amazing and the stories are's all amazing!!! We were sad they stopped posting them online...guess we'll have to wait to watch the 3rd season on Netflix!

  3. It seriously is SO GOOD! I'll have to give Covert Affairs a try, thanks for the tip Jess :)



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