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Danielle's Favorite Baby Stuff

Today we are all in for a treat! My very wise older sister Danielle (who we've discussed many times before) has agreed to share her wisdom with all of us. Not only does she teach awesome Childbirth Education Classes, she is constantly finding the coolest, and MOST HELPFUL things, and now I will not be the only one to reap the rewards of her research. Take it away Danielle....

Well, hello there readers of Candice's Blog. This is Danielle, the older sister here. :) Candice asked me to share some of my favorite baby related items with you all... so here I am. I'm sure everyone who has had a baby finds there are certain things they end up depending on more, or being SO glad they have... well, these are mine. :)

Sleep Sack
As a new Mom I was very nervous both about my child being warm enough, and my child getting a blanket over her head while she slept and suffocating. (I think new mothers worry more than anyone else in the world). So I LOVE these sleep sacks. They can't kick it off and they can't pull it over their heads. It's brilliant :) I have a thick fleece one for the winter and a thin muslin one for the summer.

Bath Tub
Have you seen these upright baby bathtubs?? I love them!
With my first baby, bath time had always been a torture. My baby hated to lay on her back in the water. Her little arms would flail about and she would cry. You could just tell she was scared and unsupported.
When I was pregnant with my 2nd baby I was at a friend's house who pulled out this big bucket looking thing, filled it with water and stuck her baby in. The bucket was just the right size that the baby was fully supported sitting up. Her baby just loved it, splashed water and smiling the whole time. As soon as I got home I found an inexpensive one online and ordered that puppy that day. My daughter always loved it! You can find some pricey ones, but I like the inexpensive Prince Lionheart washPOD.

Mesh Baby Feeder
Every now and then I see something I am sure a mother must have invented, and this is one of those times. I think I have four of these. They are marvelous... you can stick all kinds of food in them that normally would be hard for baby to eat or might be a choking hazard. Grapes were a favorite at our house. Cold baby carrots was also a big hit during teething. My almost 2 year old loved these so much that she still finds them in the drawer and brings them to me. I try to throw them into every baby shower gift basket I give.

Double Stroller

When we found out we were pregnant with our second child I became obsessed with finding the perfect double stroller. I checked out more than I care to remember. I quickly decided against a tandem (that's where the seats are in a line, one in front and one in back). I had a good friend with a Graco Duo and pushing that thing around was like driving a bus! There were some fabulously fancy strollers, and some cheapy ones. I wanted to spend a little more and get something of quality without spending more than we could afford.
When it came down to it I picked the Combi Side by Side.

It's retails for around $200.00 and has some features I loved:
1. It's compact in both open and closed positions (it's the skinniest side by side out there and fits thru doors and between most store aisles, and when it's folded up it takes up no more room than a Graco single stroller)
2. Sturdy
3. One handed push
4. Well padded and has 3 cup/snack holders.
5. Has full recline. Loved being able to lay my sleeping baby all the way down
6. Storage space. It has a basket under the stroller and two big pockets behind the seats.
7. Accepts an infant car seat (tho I prefer to carry those baby buckets around as little as possible)

Though I will admit if I had an extra $500+ I would totally get a Phil & Ted Stroller! The cool thing about their strollers is that it is a single stroller that can turn into a double. You can attach a little back seat to the basket under the stroller. I love it! It's super easy to push and, obviously, as skinny as a single stroller. I think it would be perfect to have as a just in case you need another seat stroller for an older sibling who still might get tired of walking. I'm not sure I can justify such a fancy stroller when I'm not sure how many more babies I will have.. but it's always in the back of my mind.

Food Mill
Baby food is expensive! And a pain to remember to keep with you. Once my babies are old enough to eat more than pureed vegetables I much prefer to use a little food mill. It's light and doesn't take up much room in a diaper bag. (And you can find them for under $10). All you do is put a little of whatever food you are already eating in and grind it up. Viola! Instant baby food. It's great at home because you know exactly what is in that food, because you just made it. And it's great eating out because you don't have to remember to bring food or keep anything cool/hot OR deal messy containers of what's left over.

Purse Hook
I find I always need an extra hand, and while most baby gear has tons of stuff for baby, I find I still need room for me! I love these purse clips that make your stroller that much more efficient. You can find them in a lot of different materials and patterns and prices. I had the plastic C looking ones in the first picture, and it broke from too much weight. But it's such a handy idea I had to get another kind. This is my new favorite. It's called a mommy hook. :) I love that you can use it to carry many bags on it's own, and then clip it onto the stroller or cart.

When thinking of what to put on this blog my first thought was of the various babycarriers I love.. but when it came down to it, I couldn't pick just one.. so I decided they deserve their own post, so you haven't heard the last of me. :) Hope you enjoy my favorites.. is there anything I didn't list that you LOVE? Inquiring moms want to know! :)

I've used several of these items and they were all fantastic :) I especially love the sleep sacks! Danielle just started a new series of Childbirth Education Classes so if you're in the Salt Lake City, Utah area and looking for a fun way to learn more about Childbirth and all it entails give her a call. She's amazing! Thank you for sharing Danielle!

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  1. I completely agree that baby bathtubs are a waste of money, they HATE them! I have a big deep sink that works great, but I love the bath bucket! Thanks for the tips, I hadn't seen the cool mesh thing!



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