Monday, August 8, 2011

Instant Star = Instant Favorite

Instant Star is my new favorite show. The show focuses on the first winner of a Canadian version of American Idol, called, what else but, Instant Star. You get to see Jude win the contest, record her first album, and even go on her first tour. I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that I really like the music on this Canadian, Teen Nick show. Even Tad likes it!
Check out Anyone But You
Check out White Lines
Jude Harrison is the winner. She went having big dreams to living her dream in an instant. Along with the title of Instant Star, she also won a recording contract at G-Major records. Now she's tackling the challenge of making her first record, while trying to not get lost in the drama of the life of a teenage girl.
Sadie is Jude's seemingly perfect sister. When she sets her sites on something she gets it. She wins awards in everything she does from horse riding to debate team. Sadie and Jude now have to find a balance where they can be friends and sisters at the same time. (PS. You can also see Laura Vandervoot on Smallville as Clark's Kryptonian cousin Kara)
Jamie is Jude's long time best friend who's been secretly in love with her for pretty much ever. Jamie and Jude try to make it work, but I think we all knew from the beginning it was never meant to be. He loves music ALMOST as much as Jude does, and is an excellent band manager. At least, he's trying to convince G-Major of that.
Little Tommy Q, as he was known in his days in his boy band, Boys Attack, is now a serious writer/producer for G-Major. More importantly, he has been assigned to be Jude's writer/producer. Despite some skepticism on both sides at the beginning they quickly become aware of their mutual respect for each others' careers. On top of that is a growing attraction that they can't seem to stop.
Even though they both feel the same way about each other the sad fact is that Jude is 16. So they agree to tuck those feelings away.
Although that's sometimes easier said than done.
You can watch the first 2 seasons of Instant Star on Netflix Instant Play. Give it a try!

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