Thursday, August 4, 2011

Find Your Signature Fashion Style

Do you need some help finding your signature look? I do, I do!!! Oprah to the rescue again!

What do you call it when you know—and love—your body, wear only what you're totally comfortable in, accentuate your best features, and leave the house every day feeling like a million bucks? We call it signature style, and these six women have it in spades. Luckily, they're more than happy to help you find your own. Make sure to find each signature style rule on each page!

Signature Style Rule #1. Stock up. When you find something that suits you perfectly, buy more than one.

Signature Style Rule #2. Don't make things too hard. "Great style enhances your life—it shouldn't rule you," says King. She spent years glued to the Weather Channel, terrified of rain. "I was a slave to my blow-outs. After I'd found the makeup and clothes that worked for me, it was still another ten years before I embraced my curls."

Signature Style Rule #3. Experiment a little. "Once a month, try a different shade of eyeshadow or lipstick, and see how you like it," says Roncal. "If it doesn't feel right, you don't have to wear it again. But maybe it'll feel great."

Signature style rule #4. Find a great salesperson whom you can trust—she can be an amazing resource. Salespeople get to know your taste and your body type. "For me, it's Doris at Barneys New York in Manhattan," says Brown. "I'm not an impulse shopper. I really shop only twice a year, so I tell her exactly what I'm looking for—a new jacket, a blouse I can wear for evening—and she keeps me focused. Without Doris's intervention, I can think of many pieces I would've bought and worn twice."

Signature Style Rule #5. Pay attention to your gut...especially if it's spilling over your waistband. When something's too tight, or too low-cut, and you feel uneasy, you know it. "If you have to psych yourself up to wear something out of the house—or the dressing room—it's not the look for you," says Brown.

Signature Style Rule #6. Play to the positive. What are your best features? Remember them when you go shopping. And catalog compliments—if they start rolling in every time you wear a certain lipstick shade or style of dress, you're onto something.

Signature Style Rule #7. Keep having fun! A signature style has consistency—but it should still have some joy in it. "When you stop thinking about your style, when it just becomes a knee-jerk reaction, you can slide from a signature look into a rut," says Steele.



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