Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mall Cop : Securely Funny

It's so rare to find awesome movies, ESPECIALLY ones that are rated PG! As soon as I saw that Kevin James was staring in this movie I knew I had to see it. Check out the trailer here!

He's probably best know for his role as Doug Heffernan in King of Queens. Pretty dang funny show.
Although Hitch is my favorite Kevin James movie. When you combine Kevin James with Will Smith you have a highly hilarious movie that's an instant classic. If you've never seen this movie you are SO missing out. Go rent it. In fact, go BUY it cause you wont be sorry you did.
Especially once you see Kevin James dance.
He's also in Grown Ups, which was surprisingly good. If I remember correctly there are a few crude parts, but mostly just funny. Especially if you've got kids.
Anyways, back to Mall Cop. Kevin plays Paul Blart, the local Mall's iron fist of a security guard. He has high hopes of joining the elite New Jersey State Police but is continually held back by his unfortunate hypoglycemia.
Until he makes the cut he's making sure every 9 year old boy and 80 year old man minds their P's and Q's. He does manage to cut loose now and then. He's gearing up to cover the biggest shopping day of the year...dum dum dum BLACK FRIDAY! Which you can be sure he takes very seriously. Unfortunately for him a group of thieves with an inside man have big plans in store for Paul.
He was married to a woman just long enough for her to get her green card and have a daughter before she left them both. Now Paul and his daughter, Maya, live with his mother, Margaret. They've noticed how lonely Paul's become and they have a plan to fix it. Internet Dating Sites.
In a stroke of luck a new kiosk joins the mall family. Amy and her hair extensions immediately becomes very popular with the other mall vendors and employees. Do you recognize her?
Yup that's Emma Pillsbury from Glee! One of my favorite shows.
She also had a reoccurring role on Heroes as Charlie. The waitress with a brain like a sponge. Heroes is another great show for people who are into science fiction.
Right, Mall Cop. Well Paul Blart has recently been given the task of training the new security guard, Veck. While he tries hard to impart his wisdom, Veck doesn't seem to be quite as eager as Paul is.
The commander of the SWAT team might be another familiar face to anyone who watches Will & Grace. It's Will's boyfriend Vince. Bobby Cannavale plays Commander Kent, an old high school bullie of Paul's who's looking to resume his role.
Mall Cop even has some great actions scenes. I mean that apart from the fight scene between Paul Blart and an angry woman. It's full of awkwardly funny and adorably sweet moments. So if you're looking for a good, clean, funny movie to watch with the family this is it!

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