Sunday, July 17, 2011

6 Ways to Drop a Dress Size

Here are some great tips for anyone looking to go down a size. I know I am!

It doesn’t have to be the sweltering hot days of summer to cause you to want to drop a dress size.

Everyone’s reasons for shedding extra pounds are different; one may have an upcoming special occasion such as a wedding or reunion, another may just want to see a new image when they look into the mirror each day.

Regardless of reasons for wanting to drop a dress size, the method to do so must be in place in order to make it happen. Dropping a dress size is equal to losing between 10-15 pounds.This is an achievable weight loss goal for anyone willing to put in a little work and give up some unhealthy habits. If you fit into this category, then read on!

The first step in losing
weight and getting into a smaller size is to log what you normally eat. Actually writing it down helps you to easily see where you have been making diet mistakes and where you can make changes to help you drop a dress size quickly.

Once you have a good idea of what you are eating that is causing excess weight,

the following six changes can help you get back on track to a healthy, fit figure.

  1. Cut sugar consumption.

    The biggest mistake that
    most people make is eating too much sugar. Sugar is added to just about every canned fruit, every juice, soda, and your favorite Starbucks drink.

    Check labels and avoid
    foods with added sugar. Cut soda out of your diet and limit sweetened coffee drinks to once a week and you will see the scale begin to move. There's a great website that gives you a disgusting look into how much sugar is in the food you eat. Check out SugarStacks here.
  2. Get moving!

    We live in a time where
    days are loaded full of activities. Between work, duties at home, and time for rest, there is relatively little time left for exercise.

    But when you want to drop a dress size, getting off the couch is a must. Even a 30 minute bike ride or brisk walk will cause your heart rate to rise and burn some calories. Here's my extra tip, work out with a partner! Make yourself accountable to someone for working out each day. It'll make you more dedicated.

  3. Build Tone.

    Strength training is not an
    exercise only for those who want buff bodies; it is for anyone wanting to lose weight. The reason why building muscle can help you lose weight is because muscle burns more calories at rest tha n does fat.

    Keep in mind, however,
    that muscle does weigh more than fat. So if you’re looking at the scale you may notice little loss or even a gain. Don’t worry; you can still drop a dress size even if the scale doesn’t show it!

  4. Eat Fresh.

    Processed foods such as canned fruits and veges, soups, chips and processed meats are full of hidden calories, fat and salt and should be avoided. Not only do these foods add unnecessary salt to your body, they can cause bloating.

    A good rule of thumb is
    to stick to outside aisles in the grocery store. In the middle of the store is where most processed foods are located, so just staying away from these aisles will limit temptation.

  5. Eat Fibre every day.

    Fiber is an important part
    of a daily diet, just as protein and carbohydrates. Fiber rich foods fill you up on fewer calories and clean out your digestive tract. Fiber is found in old fashioned oatmeal (not the sweetened, packaged kind), apples with skin on, and whole grain cereals and breads.

  6. Eat More!

    Instead of skipping meals, make sure to eat several small, balanced meals throughout the day. Eating more often will actually help you drop a dress size faster than not eating! This is a little easier for me to do since I stay home with my kids. They eat every couple of hours!

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