Friday, July 15, 2011

Choose Clothes for 20's, 30's, 40's

Here is a great article I found here. If you're like me you can use any help you can get in the fashion department!

Choosing clothes in accordance with age mean that you should avoid using an inappropriate fashion. You should choose clothes that suit the tastes of fashion self-image and your age.

Indeed, increased age does not mean you should stop following the latest trends. The secret is to always look trendy appearance and decided to make the analysis more trendy clothing where appropriate. This means you must better understand the shape of the body in accordance with age. If sexy mini skirt is suitable for 23-year-old woman, but it is not suitable for women aged 43 years and have cellulite.

Here are some tips to choose clothing to suit your age, you start from the age of 20, 30′s, and 40′s.

Choosing Clothes for 20s, 30s, 40s

Choose clothes for the 20s: A model of short-sleeved clothes and many ornaments can bring confidence to your 20s. Irregular fashion gives the impression of a young and fresh. You also should wear low-necked dress or without a collar.

Choose clothes for the 30s: a more structured fashion, look better for the women of this age. You may wear a decoration, but wear the shirt collar to make you look chic. If you want to hide the upper arms, do not wear short-sleeved shirt. You can add a scarf if you’re wearing a short-necked dress.

Choose clothes for the 40s: Choose clothing that accentuates the best part of your body. Avoid clothing that is too open. If you’re wearing a short dress at the neck mix with a subordinate who is knee length. If you wear a mini subordinates, wear long-sleeved shirt at the top. Secret charming appearance in their 40s is to make you look classy. If you are curvy bodied, should wear clothing that accentuates the curve of the body. Hide the waist width and big thighs by choosing clothes a little loose and dangling.

Choosing Jeans for 20s, 30s, 40s

Select jeans for 20s: Wear jeans that fit tight or baggy body or, in this age you can wear anything. Baggy jeans look quite fashionable masculine style. You also can experiment with different colors. At this age there is no harm in experimenting, do not have to continue wearing the classic blue and black color. You can wear white jeans in the summer combined with a sleeveless black top.

Select jeans for the 30s: Choose jeans that fit over the body, rather than baggy. Tight jeans can also, if combined with tunic tops or blouses soft fabric. Avoid jeans or denim faded colors that newfangled tatters. Choose a classic style blue or dark gray. You can wear white jeans with a simple boss.

Select pants for 40s: newfangled high-waist jeans suitable for women of this age. High model on the waist can hold it all. Avoid wearing jeans that hang off the waist. Jeans with a large model in the legs was also good, other than looks classy and attractive, also suitable to cover large thighs. As you grew older age, of course, increasingly smart to shop. Based on experience, choose clothes that fit with the budget that was not too expensive.

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